Sunday, October 31, 2010

City – Find Accessories and Beauties!

The nice thing about travelling is the fact that you get to savor local delicacies, meet new friends, witness unique culture in the flesh and visit local tourist spots. The best part is I had the chance to buy classy, elegant and cheap accessories to sell in our boutique!

We are now on the brink of our vacation end and since we only travelled by boat, we are constrained with time and budget. If only our family van was well, we could have travelled across cities and enjoyed more from this vacation. And, since the family van needs a good repair, we can only wish a brand new RV for better travel. I am pretty sure using an RV with nice rv insurance quote we can guarantee safe and fun family vacation.

When resources shall be enough, I am pretty sure, we can already anticipate for a new family RV for lovely boutique stocks, and fun travel.

Beauty of Zamboanga City Baywalk Lights

We got these pictures on Paseo, Zamboanga City when we had our six - day vacation and we could only savor the romance and cool sea breeze as we dined with friends and the rest of the city locals.

The newly opened commercial tourist strip is a delight to everyone. In fact, other SOCCSKSARGEN bloggers had to visit the place twice before they went home. And, the place is simply swarmed with lovers and barkadas every night. Well, who won't get amazed with this lovely spot?

Friday, October 29, 2010

When Boutique’s Physical Structure Does the Trick

Now that we are back to our old city for a week of vacation after a year’s break, we can only wander around, enjoy again the city’s food specialties, visit new places and hang out with friends and kin.

But, my trip pleasure is complemented with business motives as I take tips and tricks from other established commercial entities to better improve our newbie boutique. For one, a legendary boutique here simply renovated its place after seven (7) years to provide a more inviting and appealing look when the average renovation expectancy is ten (10) years.

Since we are just starting with our boutique, I wish to add more lights to make it enticing from the outside, add door hangers and more space for the stocks.

Selling is not just about stocks and services, physical structures or design also matters. Thus, an interior design from an experienced designer can help you create a commercial office or stall that you and your customers can be proud of. Make your store more inviting, appealing and comfortable and clients shall love to see your store or office all over again.

When Foot Vanity for Pedicure Knocks You Dead

In the Philippines, parlor services like spa, hair and body procedures are simply cheap and very common. In fact, our family from abroad pamper themselves with the parlor’s amenities and services once they arrive and stay for a long vacation.

One thing I can’t live without is my vanity for manicure and pedicure. After years of twist, pains, tortures, and blood from attending to my toe nails, I finally found a parlor attendant who makes the process less hell.

Thus, it is important that when you go to a parlor for beauty pamper, make sure that you trust your beauty attendant. It also helps when you get referrals from friends or family where they would recommend for certain services.

Further, it will help you if you can do your price comparisons between and among beauty centers. Remember too that cheap price may not at all mean quality services, so, with referrals and with price/product compares, you can be assured that your beauty services shall be as expected and required.

Seeing if the parlor is loaded with customers may mean that services are well sought. Thus, you may want to do an informal interview with a waiting customer just to solicit for services’ feedback.

Beauty services are supposed to be soothing, relieving and relaxing, not the other way around. And, if your previous parlor provides you something unwanted, then, search for a more efficient and effective beauty service provider that is worth your time and money.

New Finds of Fashion Accessories

Selling fashion accessories is easier and practical in our boutique and since women simply love to dress up, I make sure that I have only the classic, trendy, elegant accessories to boost.

So, when I saw this store that sells different loops, hooks, bangles and stuffs, I simply ravished their racks and took what initially pleased my eyes.

And, come Tuesday, I shall have these stuffs on display and post some pictures on our Facebook account for our customers liking and find.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Silver, bronze, gold jewelry require different cleansing methods. So, I managed to compile some tricks and tips how to each take care of your precious stuffs.


You can use any bronze commercial polishing solution although they may come to harsh for your precious goodies, thus, try the solution at the back of your jewelry if it is all OK. You can simply clean your bronze jewelry with good cotton and the suggested cleaning solution.


Use warm water with mild soap to clean your silver jewelry. Be selective with the commercial silver cleaning solutions since they can be too harsh too. Further, use only clean and soft cloth. Toothbrush and rough cleaning material may also cause abrasion on your jewelry, thus, needed care is a must.


Gold is known to last longer and more durable but needed care is also done. Protect your gold jewelry from too heavy activities, from chlorine as it weakens your gold quality, and other strong chemicals. You can clean it with gold cleaning solutions, or simply with warm water and mild soap.

We all want to protect our precious jewelry, health, other properties that we make use of the right cleaning and protecting measures which include jewelry cleaning tips, health measures like colon cleansing products , and property security measures to make sure that they last longer than expected.

With all the care that put on our beloved stuffs, it is only natural that we don't depart from them by force or otherwise. Thus, care and attention is primarily enforced.

Are You Silver or Gold?

You are down to earth and unpretentious. You don't feel like you need to show off, and you're very secure with your place in the world.
You are understated and elegant. You carry yourself with poise, and you're more known for what you don't do than what you do.

You can fit in anywhere from a country western bar to a black tie gala. You are adaptable and adventurous.
You are blind to social class and background. You see people as who they are ... not as where they came from or how much money they have.

How to Make Ribbon Bows

If I only have ample time, I could have made customized hair bows and headbands to sell in our boutique.

With stuffs like glue, color ribbons, beads and other accentuates, anyone can create good handcrafted hair accentuates.

So, I managed to find this video on how to make ribbon bows that can be easily copied. So, with those stuffs you think worth throwing, perhaps, you can create beauty from them and enjoy them all the same.

How to Look Good

Looking good is solely not based on the brand names that we sport on, or the colors and styles that we boost but definitely with the appropriateness that comes with all these apparel when our body size and structure are considered.

We want to avoid apparel that highlight our flaws like big thighs, hips or flat chest among others. Thus, just like any fashion experts say, choose outfit that accentuate your strengths like thin waist, long legs among others and hide our downsides.

While most of us want to be slim and fabulous, so, any clothes can be good on us, it is equally important, that we don't deprive ourselves with the right health. Thus, keeping tabs of our health conditions and taking best multivitamin can indeed make us look and feel better.

So, looking good means becoming healthy in and out and becoming confident that we are of good health and right self disposition.

Party Gowns on Sale

These are just few of the party gowns that we have on display. They are 20% off and they are of known designer's name, so, these are indeed best catch for anyone who needs elegant, chic and unique party gown.

Discounts on our USA Apparel

I recently started this 3 - day sale on our boutique stocks as part of our thank - you and marketing strategy. Since we don't have any store website, we can only promote in our Facebook account, Kreativ Bootek.

The sale did start with our authentic perfumes from Victoria's Secret, Hugo, Adidas, Lacoste and others. Now, our sales on apparels span to brands like Aeropostale, Arizona, Avirex, South Pole, A.Byer, Eyeshadow, Energie, 21, and others.

The promotion shall run until October 24, 2010 with discounts as much as 50%.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Handle Difficult Customers

Having a business is no easy feat; in fact, a manager or owner must think of ways to bring in sales, promote the store, and operate it to earn promising and sustaining revenues and hold expenditures at bay.

While customers are the life blood of any business, it is not unusual that these entities experience good and difficult customers in one or two instances.

So, how do we really handle difficult customers? Here are the basic ways to address these type of clients.

  1. Calmly know the cause of issues for your client; Knowing the problem can best help you find the right solution;
  2. Never meet your customer's anger with your own temper. So, not to disturb other clients, you can invite your complaining customer in a little private place;
  3. Note the complaints of your customer to show that you are really interested in solving his problem;
  4. Learn to compromise with your client; Depending on your company's policies, you and your client can calmly discuss how you can resolve the conflict;
  5. After all issues are resolved, gladly thank your client for making sure that your company can still improve and anticipate his future return;
  6. Discuss with the administration and staff how the issues can be avoided or eliminated.
Our young boutique had already experienced these difficult customers and they all triggered my migraine. Good thing though that I keep a pill for my migraine pain relief otherwise my day is totally ruined.

At all means, we try our ways not to have any negative feedbacks of our store, but, although there are inevitable instances when we fail to satisfy our clients, we can only find more reasons for them to still come back to us.

Victoria's Secret on Discounts

Some Victoria's Secret collections we have on display

We decided to have 5 % - 10 % discount on all our perfumes including these Victoria's Secret scents. And since they are all authentic, the discounts are big plus! However, the discounts shall only run from October 19 - 22, 2010.

I announced this too in our Facebook account. You can find us on

Victoria's Secret Reveals $2M Wonder Bra

Victoria Secret's Fantasy Bra at $2M
photo source:

Our national news broadcasted this latest fantasy bra from Victoria Secret's and priced as $2M and with all the studded diamonds, the price isn't at all surprising.

Supermodel Adriana Lima modeled the wonder bra all encrusted with sapphires, topaz and some 3,000 white diamonds. Cool!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boutique Must Strategize

We are now on the last quarter of the year, and while most people including some establishments are hopeful and excited that the holiday season shall make the buying mood brighter and more active, some industries are still fledgling.

And, although our boutique is just starting and only has meager sales, I can't be passive about our strategies.

It however pays off when you have loyal customers who still patronize your products and services. And, when a store only sells quality and effective services and stuffs including pine beds , it easier to have buying and repeating customers. Word - of - mouth advertisement still remains the most effective way to advertise.

Thus, we can only work on providing only the best for our clients plus we have to do more to thrive sustainably.

How to Know Your Perfumes Rip You Off

Our boutique recently acquired perfumes from brands like Victoria Secret's, Hugo, Sex in the City, Pout, Goddess Phat by Simmons, Adidas, Lacoste, Coty, Jovan, Kenneth Cole and Gucci. And, normally, when customers would want to check on them, they ask if our stuffs are authentic ones. Well, they indeed are.

But, how can you actually distinguish fake or imitated perfumes from original stuffs. I can only think of these practical ways:

  1. Compare packaging. Normally, fake ones have fading or even grammatical errors on their prints;
  2. Compare prices. If the price is way too good, then, start your probing query;
  3. Illegitimate seller. If your seller has no government papers and alike, there can be a slight chance that the seller is trying to rip you off;
  4. Compare the scent. If the scent can only last a few minutes or hours than its usual course, then, you were definitely tricked.
I hope these tips help.

Halloween Costumes for the Kids

Most schools make use of the special occasions as part of their school functions. For one, the kids at home just recently had their trick or treat. So, we had to dig their old halloween costumes of skeleton prints and buy them loot bags and packs of goodies to share.

So, when I get home, I had to see the room full of loose trash from candies and biscuits. tsk tsk tsk! I wish to upload the pictures but since Blogger holds the uploading of pics for maintenance services, I can only endure. LOL!

At least, the kids had great time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Your Apparel Sizes Equivalent

UKUSAEUWaist Inches

Table for Dress Sizes

Having a boutique requires us to know fashion tips and tricks to make sure that our customers are only delighted with our stocks.

But, last night, our lady customer wanted to check on the waist sizes for USA measurements, and, since we don't have any tape measure, we can only estimate. So, I bother to search for USA - Euro and UK dress equivalent and I found the table above.

I am on size 3 but three years ago, I could actually fit into size 0 and now I can only wish, I can have that old size back but passive lifestyle and eating can only make my size wider and bigger. I wish to use safe and fast appetite suppressors that can reduce my liking for eating. Now, I am only comfortable with size 5.

I can only hope that I can sustain my jogging exercise and keep my weights down. As for now, I have to take note of these sizes, so, customers can estimate their waists without really fitting into the items anymore.

How to Protect Your Precious Sunglasses

I can hardly count the number of sun glasses I have had but left broken because of accident and stupidity. Well, if the sunglasses are less expensive, seeing them broken is less heart – breaking but when these fashion gear is squashed with a heavy – weight price tag, it is an understatement if you simply get cranky, and furious.

So, Care 101 for our sunglasses includes using a hard – core case to protect the glass. There can be metal or thick plastic case that can resist strong impact.

Another tip is to use only the appropriate wiping cloth to protect the lenses. Also, avoid touching bare the lenses to do away with smudges.

Lastly, any extreme exposure to cold or warm can make your sunglasses all brittle. Thus, depending on the materials used for your eyewear, read the most appropriate after - care for your sunglasses.

Maximizing Facebook for Boutique Marketing

Our boutique previously acquired printed advertisement to promote the store but unfortunately, the required effects are still unfelt. Thus, we can only be more proactive with our marketing strategies.

With a greater percentage of net surfers/viewers, most companies make use of online or internet marketing to widen reach and eventually to create sales; our boutique is no further from this strategic move.

Thus, with around 40 million of subscribers to Facebook, we too have managed to make our boutique actively present and networked to friends, acquaintances and more. Gladly, we have received queries and interest from our online potential clients and we can only be happy to expect them from our boutique. With the proven aftereffects of social networks to companies, it wont hurt other establishments to make use of this medium to their advantage. With innovation and right marketing moves, we can make use of internet technology as our tool to making sales or to reaching out to our stakeholders.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Fashion Brands Offer Style and Quality

Staying in the boutique business for over quite sometime offers different insights as to pacing in fashion shifts, demands, prices, and styles. And, while the store offers mostly US known brands, we offer as well Korean, Bangkok, and HongKong apparel.

While style can be bold, classy and unique, they can be all different when quality is in question. For one, most of the Asian fashion apparel are of cheap prices, it in however inevitable that quality is compromised. It is imperative that we search for fashion brands that we can trust and be proud of. This goes to say too that there are also US brands whose products are of unfavorable stature.

The taste and preference for fashion apparel and their brands also applies in real - life scenarios. For instance, should you or your loved ones encounter any accident or incident particularly domestic related, you bet you can trust San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer and give you favorable justice.

People remember names as they equate to quality and excellence. Thus, if we prioritize these intrinsic values, assess the brands well and your money is well spent.

Pink Necklace Plus One More

Pink stuffed dog miniature

Pink long necklace for some chic highlights

Along with the Victoria Secret's and Pink lingerie and perfumes, we simply have these cool necklace and stuffed dog for any PINK lovers.

My sister had this one necklace and it quite looks good on plain shirts or tops for highlights. We only have 3 pieces left, so, I can only wish that they soon be all sold.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wanted: Exercise Outfit

I been wanting to just continue with my jogging, aerobics, and kick boxing; and, all these require different exercise outfit that is comfortable and chic. Normally, I jog around the a local mall's parking lot wearing only my jogging pants, shirts and rubber shoes. And, I wish I can just have a lot of choices when it comes to my exercise fashion taste.

But, having a wii only requires me to be on my flip flops, comfy shorts and shirts. But, when this gadget got busted because of human error, we wish to have the our Nintendo WII repaired, so, we can get to the fun - craze of WII technology.

The nice thing about having WII's exercise games is the fact that we can just move it around the house or to our friend's place for group exercise and fun.

For now, I can only search for more exercise outfit and get into the groove of indoor and outdoor exercise.

Cool Bangkok Shirts for Men

men's shirts
free size

Our boutique holds as well shirts, pants, perfume, caps and accessories for men but forgive my insensitivity because I only posted the stuffs just now. LOL!

So, apart from our US brands we have these cool and uniquely designed Bangkok shirts for everyone's taking. Buzz us!

Dress - to - Kill Luxury Cars on Exhibit

It was early week of October when we witnessed this car exhibit for 3 days and the city locals of General Santos City can only get awed, enticed, hungry for all the 18 luxury cars of flashy colors and accessories.

One car however mesmerized the general public, a sports car whose side doors are flipped up and down instead of the usual car doors. Cool! And, it did not surprise us all as it coveted most awards from the exhibit.

Well, the exhibit was indeed a success and we can only look forward to more kinds and styles next year.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Running Shoes Again

Exercise is unquestionably important to us to keep us healthy and fabulous. And, with medical studies done on obesity and other weight - related problems, it is only imperative that we keep our weights down to keep us from health issues and ill self esteem.

With this basic knowledge, I resumed with my jogging last summer but with busy schedules and late nights, I had different reasons to miss the running tracks and just keep my running shoes at bay.

With my excuses, I can only endure my belly lumps and wobbly legs and arms. I do wish I can just try fast and safe means like cosmetic surgery or fat burning products that can do wonders in a flash.

Having a fit and nice body contributes to having a good health and improved self confidence and regardless of our means, all the efforts to keep our weights normal are simply worthwhile.

Our Korean Fashion Collection

Above are few of our Korean/Hongkong fashion collection which most teen - agers and adults like. With their not too exuberant prices, these kind of stuffs get a welcoming appeal for most people, including me. LOL!

We hope to get more stylish and elegant collections for men and women of different ages and sizes.

Project: Boutique E-Commerce Website

It is only proper and due that I make a store website to make the store more visibly present offline and online. And, with a physical store, I shall be serving both the locals and online buyers. But, with this project, I shall be needing all the time I can get to go through the nitty gritty of website programming. This new venture on hand will indeed test and put to action my technical education and experience.

The store shall simply have its name for its domain name and I just hope that by the time I can have this project realized, the domain name is still available.

I shall soon read on online resources and web designing books and rely on my old programming skills to make this project succeed. Well, I can only cross my fingers.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wanted: Boutique Attendant

Our store is two (2) months old already and since I wanted to cut on costs while increasing my sales, I decided to hire only one (1) attendant. The sales were most of the time bleak and although I contained our operating costs, the strategy is not enough. So, I decided to make use of social networks and to create a store website to reach to wider people and promote greater marketing. But, I can only do this if I leave the store and stay at home to be connected with the net. With this management move, I shall be incurring additional expense on cost from hiring an extra store attendant but may increase my chances for more sales.

My management decision illustrates the two ways to earning net revenues: cut cost and/or increase sales. And, these ways can be maximized and put to use by any entrepreneur or by common individuals.

Indeed, the decisions that we make now can significantly influence our future. Thus, if we start saving up and investing for our future, we can be best assured that our tomorrows are secured. So, if you are considering getting an investment like a life insurance, you can click here and shape your future.

Disney - Inspired Wedding Gowns

Who would not love he the beautiful ladies from the Disney movies like the Enchanted, Snow White, The Princess and the Frog, Aladin, Cinderella and Ariel in Little Mermaid.

So, I can only be amazed with these seven wedding gowns inspired from the very Disney characters.

See the premiere in Youtube.

Long Formal Party Gowns on Display

We have all these gowns from different brands and designers and they are simply a beauty. Geez! With the perfect occasion, any of these gowns can be a perfect fit.