Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Silver, bronze, gold jewelry require different cleansing methods. So, I managed to compile some tricks and tips how to each take care of your precious stuffs.


You can use any bronze commercial polishing solution although they may come to harsh for your precious goodies, thus, try the solution at the back of your jewelry if it is all OK. You can simply clean your bronze jewelry with good cotton and the suggested cleaning solution.


Use warm water with mild soap to clean your silver jewelry. Be selective with the commercial silver cleaning solutions since they can be too harsh too. Further, use only clean and soft cloth. Toothbrush and rough cleaning material may also cause abrasion on your jewelry, thus, needed care is a must.


Gold is known to last longer and more durable but needed care is also done. Protect your gold jewelry from too heavy activities, from chlorine as it weakens your gold quality, and other strong chemicals. You can clean it with gold cleaning solutions, or simply with warm water and mild soap.

We all want to protect our precious jewelry, health, other properties that we make use of the right cleaning and protecting measures which include jewelry cleaning tips, health measures like colon cleansing products , and property security measures to make sure that they last longer than expected.

With all the care that put on our beloved stuffs, it is only natural that we don't depart from them by force or otherwise. Thus, care and attention is primarily enforced.