Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Handle Difficult Customers

Having a business is no easy feat; in fact, a manager or owner must think of ways to bring in sales, promote the store, and operate it to earn promising and sustaining revenues and hold expenditures at bay.

While customers are the life blood of any business, it is not unusual that these entities experience good and difficult customers in one or two instances.

So, how do we really handle difficult customers? Here are the basic ways to address these type of clients.

  1. Calmly know the cause of issues for your client; Knowing the problem can best help you find the right solution;
  2. Never meet your customer's anger with your own temper. So, not to disturb other clients, you can invite your complaining customer in a little private place;
  3. Note the complaints of your customer to show that you are really interested in solving his problem;
  4. Learn to compromise with your client; Depending on your company's policies, you and your client can calmly discuss how you can resolve the conflict;
  5. After all issues are resolved, gladly thank your client for making sure that your company can still improve and anticipate his future return;
  6. Discuss with the administration and staff how the issues can be avoided or eliminated.
Our young boutique had already experienced these difficult customers and they all triggered my migraine. Good thing though that I keep a pill for my migraine pain relief otherwise my day is totally ruined.

At all means, we try our ways not to have any negative feedbacks of our store, but, although there are inevitable instances when we fail to satisfy our clients, we can only find more reasons for them to still come back to us.