Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Know Your Perfumes Rip You Off

Our boutique recently acquired perfumes from brands like Victoria Secret's, Hugo, Sex in the City, Pout, Goddess Phat by Simmons, Adidas, Lacoste, Coty, Jovan, Kenneth Cole and Gucci. And, normally, when customers would want to check on them, they ask if our stuffs are authentic ones. Well, they indeed are.

But, how can you actually distinguish fake or imitated perfumes from original stuffs. I can only think of these practical ways:

  1. Compare packaging. Normally, fake ones have fading or even grammatical errors on their prints;
  2. Compare prices. If the price is way too good, then, start your probing query;
  3. Illegitimate seller. If your seller has no government papers and alike, there can be a slight chance that the seller is trying to rip you off;
  4. Compare the scent. If the scent can only last a few minutes or hours than its usual course, then, you were definitely tricked.
I hope these tips help.