Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Protect Your Precious Sunglasses

I can hardly count the number of sun glasses I have had but left broken because of accident and stupidity. Well, if the sunglasses are less expensive, seeing them broken is less heart – breaking but when these fashion gear is squashed with a heavy – weight price tag, it is an understatement if you simply get cranky, and furious.

So, Care 101 for our sunglasses includes using a hard – core case to protect the glass. There can be metal or thick plastic case that can resist strong impact.

Another tip is to use only the appropriate wiping cloth to protect the lenses. Also, avoid touching bare the lenses to do away with smudges.

Lastly, any extreme exposure to cold or warm can make your sunglasses all brittle. Thus, depending on the materials used for your eyewear, read the most appropriate after - care for your sunglasses.