Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maximizing Facebook for Boutique Marketing

Our boutique previously acquired printed advertisement to promote the store but unfortunately, the required effects are still unfelt. Thus, we can only be more proactive with our marketing strategies.

With a greater percentage of net surfers/viewers, most companies make use of online or internet marketing to widen reach and eventually to create sales; our boutique is no further from this strategic move.

Thus, with around 40 million of subscribers to Facebook, we too have managed to make our boutique actively present and networked to friends, acquaintances and more. Gladly, we have received queries and interest from our online potential clients and we can only be happy to expect them from our boutique. With the proven aftereffects of social networks to companies, it wont hurt other establishments to make use of this medium to their advantage. With innovation and right marketing moves, we can make use of internet technology as our tool to making sales or to reaching out to our stakeholders.