Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Running Shoes Again

Exercise is unquestionably important to us to keep us healthy and fabulous. And, with medical studies done on obesity and other weight - related problems, it is only imperative that we keep our weights down to keep us from health issues and ill self esteem.

With this basic knowledge, I resumed with my jogging last summer but with busy schedules and late nights, I had different reasons to miss the running tracks and just keep my running shoes at bay.

With my excuses, I can only endure my belly lumps and wobbly legs and arms. I do wish I can just try fast and safe means like cosmetic surgery or fat burning products that can do wonders in a flash.

Having a fit and nice body contributes to having a good health and improved self confidence and regardless of our means, all the efforts to keep our weights normal are simply worthwhile.