Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wanted: Boutique Attendant

Our store is two (2) months old already and since I wanted to cut on costs while increasing my sales, I decided to hire only one (1) attendant. The sales were most of the time bleak and although I contained our operating costs, the strategy is not enough. So, I decided to make use of social networks and to create a store website to reach to wider people and promote greater marketing. But, I can only do this if I leave the store and stay at home to be connected with the net. With this management move, I shall be incurring additional expense on cost from hiring an extra store attendant but may increase my chances for more sales.

My management decision illustrates the two ways to earning net revenues: cut cost and/or increase sales. And, these ways can be maximized and put to use by any entrepreneur or by common individuals.

Indeed, the decisions that we make now can significantly influence our future. Thus, if we start saving up and investing for our future, we can be best assured that our tomorrows are secured. So, if you are considering getting an investment like a life insurance, you can click here and shape your future.