Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wanted: Exercise Outfit

I been wanting to just continue with my jogging, aerobics, and kick boxing; and, all these require different exercise outfit that is comfortable and chic. Normally, I jog around the a local mall's parking lot wearing only my jogging pants, shirts and rubber shoes. And, I wish I can just have a lot of choices when it comes to my exercise fashion taste.

But, having a wii only requires me to be on my flip flops, comfy shorts and shirts. But, when this gadget got busted because of human error, we wish to have the our Nintendo WII repaired, so, we can get to the fun - craze of WII technology.

The nice thing about having WII's exercise games is the fact that we can just move it around the house or to our friend's place for group exercise and fun.

For now, I can only search for more exercise outfit and get into the groove of indoor and outdoor exercise.