Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Find the Best Color Outfit for Your Skin Tone

Our boutique allows us to deal and transact with various types of clients. While there are very few and difficult customers, we have a number of good - paying customers.

Some customers are however with color of their outfits that we cant but give our own tips. Normally, black is a safe color for different sizes and skin tones.

But, how can we actually find the best color that can flatter our skin tone? We may be dark - tanned, medium - toned or pail - color, and we can only look for the right color to draw attention and praises from others.

While we can take time to do self - experiments and check what colors suit us better, we can also get feedbacks from others as to colors that can indeed flatter us.

Experts further recommend that we match the color based on our skin tone. If you have cool skin wherein the undertones are either pink or blue, the veins may appear blue and the best color shall be platinum or silver.

If you have warm skin where the undertones are yellow but the veins look green, gold color is preferred.

After identifying this, you further separate the skin tone between clear and muted. If your hair color is high contrast, then your skin tone is of clear type otherwise it is considered as muted.

From this knowledge, match now your color based on your skin tone seasons.

Asian and Africans normally have winter skin tone, cool and clear, and the best colors for them are all white, black, cool grays, navy blue, bright pink, dark red, jewel tones like emeralds, royal purple and blue. They have to avoid faded colors like brown, beige, gold or brown.

The blondes normally have summer skin which is both cool and muted and they are complemented with colors like pastel and muted colors like rose, lavender, light yellow and blue. Avoid dark and vivid colors like black, orange.

Warm and muted shall be be the Autumn skin and the best colors are caramel, gold, orange, dark olives. Avoid pale colors like pink, cool shades, black and white and other extreme bright colors.

Spring tones are warm and clear; If you have pale eyes, auburn hair, pale skin, then the best colors for you are peach, ivory, deep reds, bright green, brown and gold are among the best flatterers.