Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Secure Your Business

When we were just starting with our boutique, we were robbed in broad daylight by an old lady pretending to be our customer. And, since we were quite overwhelmed with all the stocks she planned to buy, my mom and sister missed to see that the old woman already carried my sister's bag.

It only took a few minutes to take note of the loss and indeed, my sibling alerted the police but since we could not fully recall all the physical features of the thief, our cause remained vain. If only we had security cameras operating, we could have pinned the thief and make sure that she stayed behind bars.

Other instances that somehow threatened our boutique was the fact that there were bystanders who simply want to pass through the boutique. Good thing, we locked the door and placed alarm device for forced entry.

Now, that we have our boutique within the mall, the security guards and the mall's security measures somehow make the business more secured. However, we can't fully rely on these, we still have to be more vigilant and proactive.