Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practical Tips to Take Care of Your Handbags

Handbags are among the basic essentials of being a woman. In fact, women spend big investments on their bags more than their shoes and their apparel.

Personally, I only love to buy bags of all sorts from known names including Marc Jacobs handbags that I can only be willing to pay.

So, how do we practically take care of our valuable hand bags. I can only cite the following:

  • Protect your bags with the appropriate protector. For leather bags, there are protectors against sun and dust among other pollutants. So, for other type of bags, use the needed cleaner only;
  • Consider the weather before going out with your handbag;
  • Protect your handbag from extreme cold and heat as they become brittle;
  • Use bubble wrap or any dust bag to protect;
  • Wipe gently your bag from any spill like water, condiments, and others; Use the needed cleaning technique to further protect;
  • Keep the chains within your bag's compartment;
  • Protect your handbag from other bags when they need to be stored together. To avoid color transfer, use only the dust bag or other safe protectors.