Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Fashion Apparel Are Outsourced

As a boutique manager, I get different feedbacks and comments as to the authenticity of our brands. For one, I have legitimate suppliers who really make sure that we get authentic stuffs to sell.

So, when customers see the stocks like the Aeropostale shirts made in Indonesia, India or Guatemala or Kathy van Zealand bags made in China, they are without their anxiety.

But outsourcing is not actually a new business strategy. Since labor force is way cheaper and government regulations are more free, big companies like DELL, Lacoste, LV, and others outsource their manufacturing for economic and political reasons.

With piracy hypes, clients can only be vigilant of what they buy. For one, they can check whether prices are reasonable, and lastly, whether quality conforms to the company's international standards otherwise they have been ripped off.