Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Fashion Industry Degrades

with customers digging in for good used clothes while ukay-ukay barker calls for more customers
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When economic recession hit the global economy, not only the real estates and insurance industries were badly crippled, so, were the furniture, fashion and export industries.

While clothing is one of the basic needs, the industry is seriously injured because people would rather re-use their old clothes than buy. They keep their precious hard earned money for much needed necessities: food and shelter.

Worse, with this fledgling fashion economy, the used clothes for sale or known as "ukay - ukay" (means to dig in or scramble through) swarmed the roads and commercial areas that indeed cripple most fashion stores. Our boutique is not at all exempted from this problem. Well, I can't blame the public since an "ukay - ukay" pair of imported pants can be priced at 30 pesos only or cheaper.

While this ukay - ukay is not to be for sale, the government simply takes a blind side and would rather pretend that these illegal stalls sell used clothes. In fact, because ukay - ukay stores swarm the country, the government would rather impose taxes on them.

The tax bill would somehow cripple the ukay - ukay stores but will somehow legitimize their commercial moves while crippling deeper legitimate establishments.