Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Fashion Apparel to Hide Bulges

Once again holidays are being blamed for sluggish days and gained weights. For one, family and other social gatherings are around during Christmas holidays and with all the lavish meals and treats, we can only splurge to a serving or two.

We can however, eliminate these extra pounds when you do hard work from exercise, go through fast but expensive works of cosmetic surgery or buy lipofuze as another wonder weight loss alternative.

But, if your weight - loss option does not show any pleasing result yet, you can try these basic tips to hide your extra bulges:

1. don't use too loose or too tight shirts/blouses/trousers as they make the body parts more pronounced.

2. Use appropriate color to hide the bulges, normally, printed or black shall do the trick.

3. Use appropriate accessories. If you have belly problems, don't use tight and big belts, but use necklace or small - size loose belts to cut the edges.

4. Employ styles that will rather boost your strengths but hide your flaws. Refrain from horizontal lines, shoes with straps, padded tops for flat chest and alike.