Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Identify Perfume Fraud

We have new perfume collection from Bath and Body Works together with our Victoria Secret's, Gucci, Adidas, Juicy, Hugo and other perfume lines. And, we are only prouder that the stuffs on display are authentic and all original.

We have repeating customers and potential ones and we oftentimes get questions like if what we sell are all authentic. But, how do we actually identify perfume fraud? You never really know if it's original until you have paid your hard earned money. So, I oftentimes use these criteria to tell weather a perfume is fraud or authentic.

  • Packaging - oftentimes, the prints on fake perfumes are light, misspelled, of poor quality among others. So, if you have purchased an authentic perfume, compare it with dubious perfumes and see the difference.
  • Price - authentic perfumes from different legitimate sellers only have a sensible price range. Thus, if your new perfume is of lower price, then, be anxious if what you have is authentic or not.
  • Scent - if you can't smell a thing or it smells different, then, you were ripped off or about to rip off. Normally, we advice our Kreativ Boutique customers to try a refill first of our scent and try it, and, if they are satisfied, they can be back again, and buy a bigger bottle. That way, they can test the scent themselves.
  • Seller - Check if your perfume seller is legitimate; if they get a number of repeating customers, then, most likely, they sell legitimate perfumes otherwise you won't see a soul in few hours. So, trust only legitimate sellers and every penny on perfume is all worth it.