Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Know Bag Fraud

Together with perfumes, Kreativ Boutique is also house to different signature bags like Nine West, XOXO, Liz Claiborne, Coach, Fossil, Relativity, Kathy Van Zealand, Tommy Hilfiger, Gal, Guess and more. While we have repeating customers on bags, we have other potential customers who still check on the authenticity of our bags.

  • Price - if the new price of your new bag is way too far from the commercial price, then, start your anxiety.
  • Material Quality - with compromised quality, the price is also of lower value. Thus, when a certain Coach bag is sold at PHP 1200.00 ($30.00) compared to $100 value at least, then, you shall be ripped off.
  • Seller - if you have an independent seller, double check your bag's quality. But, if you can, go for legitimate sellers so you can put your anxiety at ease.