Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Take Care of Your Printed Shirts

If you are a tee person just like me, you may be quite concerned with prolonging your t-shirts' life and making sure that they still appear in their best form.

So, to prolong your shirt's life, you can follow these basic tips:

  1. Read the shirt's aftercare techniques in ironing and washing the shirt;
  2. Air dry your colored shirts but keep them from direct sunlight to protect their color;
  3. Depending on your shirt's print, take extra careful in washing and ironing the print;
  4. If you just acquired a newly printed shirt, it will do good on you and your shirt if you iron the print before washing to protect it from wrinkling or splitting.
  5. If your shirt shows any loose thread, button and alike, attend to it immediately to avoid further deterioration.