Monday, December 27, 2010

Themed - Party Holidays

The holidays are soon to be over but reunions and parties continue to roll. In fact, the local government of General Santos City has this year's Christmas celebration with cartoon animation theme.

But, why are themed parties so popular that people really bother to spend and sport wacky apparel and costumes. I can only think of one basic reason, FUN.

I guess theme celebrations need not to be limited to parties, they can be incorporated to home and house improvements too like when we acquire glass mosaic tile with all the fancy themes we can think of.

Our boutique has sold Hawaiian dresses for beach - themed party and some cocktail dresses for ballroom - inspired celebrations. My sister had sure had fun when she wore a Japanese - manga maid in their Christmas party.

Regardless of the occasion, we can be innovative with our art and design to make a nice and favorable impression.