Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Signature Products are Made in Asia

Those who are signature brand - lovers are quite conscious of what they buy from our store but most often, they get to believe that what we sell especially our apparel, shoes, bags and accessories are authentic and sold at reasonable rates.

However, we have a few customers who question where we buy our stuffs. So, they check where the products are made and when they see that the stuffs are made in China, India, or in other Asian countries, they get an anxious eyebrow lift.

But, just like any big companies including DELL, LACOSTE, NIKE among others have outsourced to China and India among other countries because of cheaper manufacturing costs. However, in spite of the area of production, quality is still enforced.

Thus, those who know the mechanics of company outsourcing and quality standards, customers can still trust products that are made in non - USA or Europe areas.