Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fashion for New Year's Celebration

polka dots for prosperity

photo source: shoppersbase.com

In the coming days, the old 2011 shall be replaced by 2012 and everyone can only hope that the new year shall bring in better year of productivity.

We have different traditions and culture for celebrating new year; for the Chinese, they use fireworks to chase away the bad spirits of the old year. And for us, Filipinos we simply adopted the tradition of merriment during New Year's eve through fireworks, parties, reunions and goodies.

But, fashion cannot be compromised during new year's celebration. For good luck, you can wear your lucky gems and polka dots or red clothing for good luck. While these may not be proven to be effective, we may follow the old tradition for fun or luck.

And, to drive the bad karma, we can replace our unused or beaten stuffs with new purchases including foam mattress for prosperity.

So, I pray that 2011 had been good to you and 2012 shall bring you more blessings. Happy new year, everyone!

My Merrel Shoes Wishlist

my wish list: Merrel Barefoot Vibram

Running has become my obsession and I wish to run as far as 21k and go for a full marathon of 42km.

But, since I have a foot injuring and I have a medium - arch foot, I need a special type of shoes. My latest addition was a Merrel trek shoes which I shall be needing for a triathlon race come April.

So, for my sole running, a Merrel Barefoot Vibram shall be my ultimate wish.

Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

It is Christmas Eve in the Philippines, and while the city was sleeping, I had to drag my partner and others from their bed and hit the road for a trail run. This time we conquered a 16KM distance from DOLE Philippines to its Kalsangi Clubhoues, a couple of hundred feet elevated from the town proper.

And, since we normally give gifts during Christmas Day, we can only be quite pressured to think of gift options for our loved ones.

So, for your last minute shopping, you can buy or make the following:

  • bags on sale;
  • goodies like chocolate strawberries or homemade foodies;
  • fashion handcrafts;
  • jewelry;
  • apparel on sale;
  • gift checks;
  • cash;
  • or personal service coupons.

Signature Bags on Sale


Nine West

Custo Barcelona



As part of our storewide sales, we placed all our bags including signature and brand new bags from Nine West, Gal, Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Rolfs, Pink, Custo Barcelona, Kathy von Zealand among others.

So, if you want authentic bags at reasonable rates, give us a buzz!

Kreativ Boutique Now on Christmas Sales

To show and to give our appreciation to our valued customers, we are now offering a storewide sale from 5% to 50% on our great collections including signature and brand new watches, bags, shoes, accessories, perfumes, apparel from the names of Victoria Secret's, Gucci, Forever21, Nine West, Relativity, Fossil, Michael Kors, Slap, Lyons, Rolfs, GAL among others.

And, if you are tight in budget, we also offer various options from HongKong and Thailand apparel and accessories.

We can only wish that our store, Kreativ Boutique, shall have its own POS system to make the sale and inventory transactions much faster.

To date, we can only manually record all the transactions and hope that we don't miss anything.

But, we wish that this holiday season and our storewide sale shall bring more new customers and retain our loyal customers now and always.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Takbo GenSan Series: My Winning Running Apparel

at the START line ready for the gun shot

The Takbo Gensan Series is a community program created and managed by the program department of General Santos City Police Office. They hold fun runs every two weeks and if there are other local or national runs schedules, oftentimes, they are taken in as partner.

And, with all the runnings I have been making in a competitive race or otherwise, I could no longer count the kilometers I traversed or the race bibs I earned.

completing midway distance with PO2 Riza as my running mate

So, last December 17, the last Takbo Gensan Series fun run was held. A fellow GenSan Run Club joined me in completing 10km distance. I was on NIKE dryfit top, Accel running pants, Reebok running shoes and with my TIMEX triathlon watch to record my calories, pace, steps and distance.

with the running team along with PNP trainees

However, I ran faster than my usual pace, thus, I had to slow down with my pacing to relax my legs. It was a hard lesson for me.

But, the long and dragging run was all worth it when I earned 2nd place in the 10KM - female category.

In running, a must - learn lesson that we have to know shall be to run comfortably with the perfect outfit, a good physical condition and to run the usual pace for an injury - free run.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion Gift Ideas and Tips

In a few days, the entire world shall be celebrating Christmas and New Year and while only the Christians celebrate Christmas, the rest of the sects are all excited to face the new year with enthusiasm, hope and vigor.

But, holiday season can be quite stressful too. For one, we have to attend to preparing reunions for arriving friends and / or family. Also, we are quite pressured from choosing and buying gifts for our loved ones and friends.

If we are not tight with budget, we simply have a couple of gift ideas that we can find from local or online stores. But, in most cases, we are simply restricted with financial constraints.

So, to make your holiday preparation and celebration stress - free, find stores and gift ideas that are within your budget. You can consider too promo deals like 2012 pacsun coupons for more worth of your money.

You can buy shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry or apparel on sale and all you have to do is find the right stores to rake.

More Trail Runs for the Beauty

with the GENSAN RUN CLUB runners and our new female recruits, Ms Riza of GSC Police and Ms Chona of Philhealth

cruising through the Region 12 Police Center road

It has been a couple of trail runs when I was the only lady runner but after posting a couple of pictures of our different trail runs with the fast and furious runners of Gensan Run Club, I was able to invite two other girls to join me.

So, the other trail run was from the Bawing Highway to and from Region 12 Police Center. The run was however 8 kilometers unlike our usual distance of 10 kilometers and more.

More runs for us and any lady runner is quite welcomed to join us!

Fashionable Teachers on Christmas Party

with the Friday Group at our Christmas Party

Last night was fun when a group of wacky teachers from a local school in General Santos City, Philippines decided to hold their Christmas Party. We were of course at our most comfortable outfit and that includes me wearing a boyfriend's long polo, gladiator shoes and sling bag.

But, the fun was super cool when we had to hang out in one of the city's newest coffee house where furniture were elegant just like when you have aspen furniture to boot.

After the gift giving and awarding, we had to move to another local favorite restaurant, then, head to the city plaza for the night market.

The evening ended with much fun and gratitude for friends and family.

Signature Watches on Sale

Kreativ Boutique of Gaisano, General Santos City is on storewide sale and that includes 20% - 30% discount on our signature and authentic watches from Michael Kors and Fossil

Michael Kors


Michael Kors

Michael Kors

So, for your gift ideas, you can consider these watches and enjoy our price slash.

Running Gear on Set and Go!

After the long trail run of over 14km from Lemlunay Resort to Tinoto Cliff and back, we shall be joining another fun this Saturday, December 17 and I wish to test my endurance my registering for the first time in the 16km distance.

While the new distance shall be quite challenging and difficult, I could only pray for stamina and endurance.

So, if you are into running and wish to join us, registration is on going until December 16 at minimal registration of php 25.00 - 75.00 depending on your race category.

Let's prepare our running shoes, dryfit clothes, water jug, sports mp3 and run for fun!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singer - Actress Pop Fernandez Designs Wedding Gowns

I was in one of my supermarket buys when I spotted a national magazine featuring the Philippines' Concert Queen - Actress, Pops Fernandez, on her new craft, designing wedding gowns. And, I could only be curious with her works that I had to search through the net for her own fashion wedding gowns collections. I spotted one from Youtube.

So, if you are planning to get married and want to check what is hot in the market, include in your list some elegant wedding gowns from local and celebrity designers, book your honeymoon and / or st lucia weddings in a secluded island, and to make your wedding preparations hassle - free, hire a wedding event planner to make you worry - free.

Weddings are beautiful occasions, so, we could only be happier to see wedding - oriented works and the Filipina artist Pops Fernandez on wedding gowns is simply a delight to see.

Collecting Running Singlets

with Gensan City Police Officer Riza Carisma

Running has become a passion for me that I have joined road and trail runs of longer progressive distances with faster hardcore runners.

But, what I even love are the singlets I get from all the runs. In the most recent run, the green singlet was from the city police fun run and since there is another run with a nice singlet, I could only hope to have one.

Singlet for GSCPO Lirun - Lirun Fun Run on December 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 - Leg Running Shoes

Just after the first semester was over, I ran in three successive 10 - km runs starting from a frequently - supported General Santos City Police Office for another cause. Then, just after catching my breath, we traveled for 3 hours to Davao City to join the national marathon. Good thing, my partner joined me to attend to my leg requirements including some protective bandages around my ankle. But, the runs did not end in Davao City. The run leg commenced 1500 feet above sea level when we had a trail run to one of the highest mountains in our place.

Completing the 3 - leg runs sure made my heart happier but my feet sore. Good thing, my shoes and legs did not break in.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty Tips

Staying beautiful may seem expensive for most people; Sometimes, they are so vain that they go through cosmetic surgery to see beauty on their face. But, personally, we don't have to spend much to stay young and beautiful inside and out.

The right diet, healthy lifestyle like no alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, exercise and beauty orogold cosmetics among others.

Staying beautiful means believing that you are beautiful too. Confidence matters in perceiving beauty. When you believe your beautiful inside and out, this self - esteem exudes wherever you are.

Cool Airsoft War Suits

the ASG airsofters on their most recent Tourney on Bantayan Islands

One of the hobbies I am in is the airsoft war game and while this is definitely a man's game, I simply enjoy the thrill and adrenaline.

So, come next airsoft game, I shall be up on my airsoft war uniform with my AK spetz and husband as teammate.

Fun Touring with Runners on Eco - Trail

on a hilly peak overlooking Sarangani Bay and sleeping General Santos City early morning

My husband and I are partners in our individual hobby; While he quite likes airsoft games, so, I join him in his few games and since I am too passionate with running too, you would normally see him on his big bike or family van tagging along.

Recently, he joined me and the Gensan Run Club, a local GenSan organization for running enthusiasts, along the 14km Sinawal eco - trail.

Good thing that in spite of the rough and strange road, our family service does not fail. But, if you somehow experience any auto problem, you can try car lifts for sure reliable service.

We shall soon run for 16km to and from the local airport and hope that the family transportation is always ok.

Devil Fashion on Halloween

the cousins

In Greenland, a Filipino community celebrates Halloween fashionably. And, we were only happy to see our family happier on their devil costumes.

Hmnnn, this is fancy addition to cool Halloween fashion.

Fashion Ramp on Ship Board

with NDMU graduate school classmates

In the course of our educational tour in Cebu, one of our pit stops was the visit in some beautiful tourist spots in Bohol.

The travel requires the use of 2 - hour ferry drive from Cebu port to Tagbilaran City. So, how could we enjoy more the trip but by having all the wacky and wild poses that we could do on and off board the ferry.

We only wish that we could visit the palce again and we could relive the fun.

Chic and Rockin Bikes

Motor bike is one of the primal needs in rural cities and provinces where transportation is quite needed and when budget is an issue.

The good thing about motor bikes is the fact that you can customized them to your own liking and preference. For instance, if you wish to upgrade it for racing or bike show, you can be quite confident of your bikes.

More importantly, you can travel through traffic, clean them through wheels, steels and bearings among others.

With the reasonable rates of motor bikes, practically a good number of the public now owns a bike for posterity, convenience and budget.

So, if you need the comforts of a motor bike, go rack in your local bike provider for the best pick.

What Mask Should You Wear on Halloween?

You Should Wear a Vampire Mask

You are a dark and mysterious creature, but you're also extremely passionate.

You have been known to be a bit of a daredevil. You think taking risks is exciting.

You follow your instincts...even your baser ones. You are very primal.

You are cunning and manipulative. You are more selfish than you let on.

Running Fit and Fashionable

with my running mates from GenSan Run Club

I have been running for three (3) years and previously I would only run on jogging pants, loose shirts and any rubber shoes I can find from home.

But, since I began running in competitive races, I started buying running apparel, shoes and paraphernalia. The latest additions were my new SONY water - resistant sports MP3 and hydration pack.

Running quite makes you fit and healthy and since I want to run as comfortable as safe and fancy as possible.

Find Beauty on Furnitures

We wish to continue the construction of our house in General Santos City to make the place homey and more comfortable especially during long vacations.

We had constructed a two - bedroom structure but it would be quite small for a family. I just have to find minimalist - designed among rustic furniture to complement the structure and size.

When we search for furnitures, we make sure that we see our personality on every curve, color and style because we wish to have them as pleasing and welcoming as possible.

So, come the day that we have the house fully constructed, we shall find the most preferred furnitures to boot.

The Running Wackos

with Gensan Run Club, Apollo, Doc Rizaldy and Anthony Karl

The run to Sinawal Hills and back covering 14km was draining but we had great fun since we had a new recruit to the trail and we tried a new trail crossing a stream.

Able to keep up with the boys' pace most of the time made me more proud. My reflectorized running gear made the fun all safe and enjoyable.

Cool Nike Hydration Belt Pack

NIKE 2 - bottle reflectorized hydration belt pack

on my most recent run to Sinawal hills

I recently joined a trail run on Sinawal hills and since my first attempt was disgusting, the second try was a plus.

I was only more confident to run because I had my hydration belt as a gift from my younger sibling. We ran around 4am this morning and seeing it all reflectorized assured me of my safety while doing early morning run on a semi - new trail.

The belt was handy although I had to strap it well to keep it from moving. My next trail run is expected to be 16km, so, I better be hydrated to keep going.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fashion at Airport

As I type, I am waiting to board for a domestic flight from a few days stay in Manila and now heading home.

And since my husband and kid had an earlier flight than me, I have to wait for a couple of hours until I finally be on air. But, what is nice about staying at the airport's waiting area is the fact that i get to see various types of people. Different foreigners are around with distinct clothing to boot. Further, I get to surf online for free and to have a comfortable seat and convenient access to the airport's amenities. So, rule of thumb in traveling is to check out the airport among others if they have services for waiting passengers.

The NAIA 3 domestic airport has a clean restroom and I bet they have a cool maintenance service provider including water softeners among others.

In a short while, I shall be back to seeing my friends and the rest of my loved ones plus I can get back to running too.

Staying Beautiful at 60's

my sister and mother in - laws at a themed party

Who says staying beautiful, sexy and young is only for the young ones? My mother in - law who is way past her 60 years of age is aging beautifully and no one can't really guess her age right just by the looks of her.

Her beauty secret is simply easy - have a healthy living and diet, active social life, positive outlook in life, loving family and friends, regular beauty regimen (moisturizer among others).

We can age gracefully or otherwise but if I choose the path, the beauty shall be my preferred option. How about yours?

Angry Bird Fashion

Because of the hype from this phenomenal computer and PSP game, it has now invaded the fashion industry and these cute angry birds can be any of the following:

  • pen
  • key chain
  • fan
  • earrings
  • shirts
  • pants
  • magnets
  • bag tags
  • cups
  • buttons
  • caps
  • and practically on everything. .
So, if you too are angry bird fanatic, express your loyalty through angry - inspired fashion accessories and apparel.

When Family Culture Affects Fashion

my mother and sister in - laws on their theme - inspired party

Some say that our very own fashion taste is affected by our personal beliefs and family values. Thus, if one is raised from a conservative family, his or her way of clothing would definitely include decent - looking dress, tops, slacks among others.

On the other hand, if one is hailed from a more liberated family, any choice of clothing shall do. Unfortunately, I am raised from both sides, thus, I am who I am with the choices I make when it comes to what I wear.

Fashion is simply like any hobby. We illustrate our personality with our choice of cars, gadgets or scrapbook photo albums to name a few.

Regardless of where we are raised, the most important about fashion is becoming confident with our fashion choices and believing that we are beautiful in spite of our distinct family culture.

Halloween Costume Treat in Frenzy

the kids on their trick or treat Halloween costumes giving their little cousin a scare

A day before November 1 and practically most private and public institutions have a Halloween - inspired decorations and I bet parties are all set with terror - scare costumes to boot.

It is a long weekend in the Philippines and having October 31 as a legal holiday until November 2, most Filipinos will enjoy the long Halloween treat on and off party.

So, be witched and have fun guys!

Benefits of Staineless Fashion Accessories

fashion accessories
from Kreativ Boutique

I quite prefer stainless accessories like earrings, bangles, and necklaces simply because they are handy, cheap and last longer than their silver counterparts.

Basically, stainless accessories and other stainless equipment or materials like stainless steel drum don't rust faster than silver accessories or other mineral components and since they are way cheaper, most people prefer to use them for health and budget reasons.

So, if you want fancy accessories that are reliable, cheap and easy - to - clean stuffs, go visit local stores, online or offline, and try stainless stuffs for your personal unique and satisfying experience.

Cleaning Tips for Your Flip Flops

Havaianas flip flops
from Kreativ Boutique

Sometimes staying comfortable means wearing flip flops whenever we can. So, how do we exactly protect our flip flops, you can try the following smart tips:

  1. clean them with lukewarm water and mild soap after use;
  2. store them in less humid temperature;
  3. for loose soles, glue them with rubber adhesives;
  4. if straps seem to fall off, sew them if you must otherwise you can quite dispose your flip flops;
  5. use mild brush to remove stains or dirt; and
  6. keep them from being played by your pets.

Fashion Tips to Staying Hydrated

photo source: yogamarrakech.wordpress.com

When weather is quite hot, the least we expect is dizziness, headache or lethargy from the weather and worse from dehydration. More importantly, if you travel, make yourself hydrated at all times and don't fail to remain fashionable as you do this.

Staying hydrated would improve our digestion, energy, blood pressure, bowel movement, weight management and acid - alkaline balance. Thus, you can stay hydrated by drinking the regular 8 glasses of water, taking fruit or vegetable juices, sipping water even if you are not thirsty, wearing protective gear like hat from the scourging heat or comfy clothes like shorts or sleeveless tops to keep you from sweating, and staying in colder room.

Remember staying hydrated is healthier and staying fashionable is equally good!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laundry Tips for Your Wardrobe

I basically wash my own office clothes and I do this by hand, so, not to spoil the materials. However, if I practically too busy, I allow our house helper to do the task but I make sure that the following is observed:

  • separate color - fading clothes
  • sort same color but make sure to test color - fading ones
  • separate different cloth materials like cotton, synthetic, linen like matouk
  • separate clothes, from sheet and from towels
  • read the washing instruction of your clothes, so, you can pile them according to their washing instructions
  • know your washing machine operating procedures and run it according to your laundry's washing requirements
  • dry them not directly under the sun especially the colored ones

Runner's Watch List

Running experts suggest that before we buy any watch for casual running or for serious training, we consider a watch that measures and records - speed, distance and time.

My running attire and paraphernalia are almost complete except for the hydration pack that I shall be buying after this post and the runner's watch at budget - friendly price tag.

I managed to research on commercial runner's watch that offer various data like the heart rate, burned calories, distance, pacing among others.

The following are the options you can consider for a runner's watch:

Timex Ironman that shows lap and speed at less expensive rate;
Garmin Forerunner 305 or 405 for wider features like GPS and data transmission but at more expensive price;
Polar RS800CX for complete and ideal runner's choice but way too expensive;

Picking The Right Running Shoes

I had this typical notion that all running shoes are the same but in spite of having new pair of shoes, I experience terrible discomfort that I began to wonder if indeed I have the most suitable shoes for me.

So, when I happened to be in one of the running - themed stores, I had my feet measured, and I was told that I have semi - flat footed shape or medium - shaped arch that I need to have a stability shoe to handle my running motions.

If you are lost as well as to the right type of shoes, test first your foot type through this simple, easy - to - do test and your running shall be most comfortable.

Wanted: Fancy Quality Runner's Hydration Belt Pack

Helium hydration pack from
photo source: http://www.pleasuresports.com

My runner's apparel and accessories are almost complete and that includes having dry - fit tops, running shorts, new pair of running sneakers, Sony sports MP3, and visor. However, my wish list is not complete without the presence of digital watch that covers my distance, pacing, heart beat and burned calories and more importantly, my hydration pack that can last a couple of kilometer runs.

My sister was generous enough to shell out a fund for a new hydration utility belt pack. I hope before we can go home to General Santos City, I can buy a new hydration utility kit at reasonable rates.

Staying fit is never easy; I have to run at least 5km every other day and join fun runs to stay healthy and to lose weight. It is no wonder that people would prefer other weight - loss alternatives including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for faster results.

So, tomorrow shall be scouting day for my cool hydration pack and I want it fashionable, feminine and reliable.

Elegant Custo Barcelona Apparel

Custo Barcelona bag at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano - GenSan

I recently acquired a good number of Custo Barcelona blouses to complete what we have at our boutique. And since, we sell Custo bags, it is only likely that we complement the bags with matching blouses and leggings too.

Our Custo Barcelona customers will sure love the new arrivals because definitely, Custo apparel means distinct, quality fashion and convenience in one.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ice Skating Essentials

We had the opportunity to go ice skating and we say we are quite under dressed for this very graceful and elegant hobby. In fact, we were on jeans, shirts and and my kid on his usual shorts and shirt attire. We just had to buy him a good pair of hand gloves just in case, he would fall.

We wish to go back as soon as we can, and I hope that next time, we could bring the following ice skating essentials:

  • hand gloves
  • sweater;
  • blades;
  • leg and blades cover;
  • cute tutu or leggings for men;

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Shopping in Manila

We are in Manila for a family vacation and we would want to enjoy the place as much as we can but since we don't have our family service, we could only endure the public commute vehicles for some rides to and from our home.

There are nice legendary spots here in Manila including Luneta, Manila Zoo, Ocean Park and of course the endless strings of shopping malls. There are fashion districts too like Baclaran and Divisoria for budget shopping.

But, if you are visiting to a new place, it would be smart to use zumo 665 to enjoy the place and convenience of private commute.

So, for a short or longer stay, enjoy your trip and if you are in Manila, don't fail to visit their fashion districts for great picks.

The Handbag Test

You Are Creative and Clever

You have an eye for beauty and design. You are talented at bringing various random elements together.

Even if you aren't an artist, you have a lot of style. You are naturally chic, and you know how to turn heads.

And while you are an imaginative type, you are definitely not messy or chaotic.

You like things neatly organized. You are a minimalist - you think too much gets lost in clutter.

Fashion Designer Oliver Tolentino Captures Hollywood

World class fashion designer Oliver Tolentino is rocking Hollywood and he quite takes pride as Filipino as he makes use of Philippine native products like abaca, pineapple and water lily on his own designs.

So, with his skills and talents, he is making his name in the Hollywood and promoting as well Philippines.

He is now in the Philippines for his fashion gala show, so catch him in Manila for his fancy and elegant works.

See below his works from Youtube.

Birthday Treat for Mom

It is 28th of October and it is my mom's birthday. However, unlike her previous birthdays, we can't celebrate with her since she is in a different city working on our family business along with my nephew.

We are only however sad that not only she is far, she is also sick that we have to force her to see a medical doctor to see her eye condition.

As a gift, we wish to send ProFlowers for cheap flowers online to at least make her day extra special.

It has been awhile since we last saw her and we are only happy that she agreed to go home next week. With this good news, we can prepare a late birthday celebration for all us of to enjoy.

Fashion Shopping in Singapore

photo source: wikipedia.org

We are presently staying with my sister in Manila however, she is off to leaving for Singapore too for a long weekend visit. So, we are left with no choice but to go around Manila on our own.

We wish to join her next year to do some shopping for our Boutique, and that would mean, leaving for Thailand or Hongkong. But, if we have to do some personal shopping, Singapore is a better choice.

So, if you choose to visit Singapore, don't fail to try their local foods, see their tourist spots, and visit their fashion district for great shopping. My sister quite loves Charles and Keith in Singapore for the latest styles and trends.

We can't simply wait for our travel abroad, and Singapore shall be one of our best options.

Collecting Runner's SInglets

with my kid in one of our night runs

Originally, I only wanted to collect race bibs to count the number of fun runs and marathons I can join but when I saw my sister who is into running the kind of singlets she collects, I am now tempted to collect as many run singlets as I can and that would mean, running in different cities who are as passionate to hold races for good causes.

So, come November 6, I shall have my new addition from the 35th Milo Marathon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Acquiring New Fashion Wardrobe for Boutique

I want to add a new taste to our boutique collection by acquiring a widely accepted brand on apparel and our upcoming visit to another city is a hopeful activity.

I guess if you want people to trust and accept what your boutique can offer, you have to be bold and innovative with the offerings.

So, I can only expect that the new addition shall lure buying customers to try and buy new wardrobes from us.

Some fashion tips though, if you want to be safe with colors and style, you can always go for generic or publicly - accepted wardrobe and colors. But, if you want to stand out from the rest, to show off your own character and personality, try personalized or individualized designs like what we see from most decors, wardrobes, or accessories. If you want all these, you can click here to give it a try.

The Gemstone Test

Your Gemstone Says You Love Money

You exude wealth and class. (Even if you're short on funds.)

You carry yourself well, and you have perfect manners.

You never seem desperate or trashy. You are admired for your sense of style.

You treat others well. In fact, many people aspire to be like you.

Running Protectiver Gear

with my running mates along Brgy Sinawal natural terrain

We started our 11km run around 6 am and since the terrain was all new to me, I could only suffer from the long and stiff run. But, what made the run more draining was the scourging heat when we had to finish the tracks around 7am. No wonder one of my running mates was on dry - fit long sleeves suit, sung glasses, water hip belt among others.

At least, in my next run, I can be more prepared otherwise I shall be feeling heady from the heat and fatigue.

My New Pair of Running Attire

with my new running mates from GENSAN RUN CLUB

I have been training for MILO MARATHON in Davao and since I want to be as comfortable as possible in my run, I recently purchased a new pair of running shorts fit for my size. I have been only wearing men's running shorts, and the fit and style just don't suit me.

So, my trip to Cebu City gave a cheap - rate USA Sports running shorts that complement my latest Nike Running top.

All I need now is my total runner's watch and I shall be ready and done for the marathon!