Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re-structuring Kreativ Boutique


With our limited space, we can't actually post every stock. So, few of the stocks are kept that we decided to add display - glass cabinet to showcase sunglasses and watches for viewers.

But, along with this potential inclusion, we want one of the lovely chandeliers for more elegance and style.

Store's interior design has a crucial influence among customers. So, with well - lit, spacious, and welcoming place, you can be quite lucky attracting old and new customers to stop by your store and eventually buy.

So, most likely, we can have the new addition next week when sales are slow.

Choosing and Keeping Your Perfumes

authentic Victoria Secret's perfumes sold in Kreativ Boutique

One of the collections we sell in our boutique is the authentic perfumes from different brands including Victoria Secret's, Bath and Body Works, Hugo, Lacoste, Adidas, Gucci, Sex and the City, Jovan and more.

Oftentimes, we get questions and demands from our customers as to picking the right scent and giving them perfume basics. And, I compile the following facts:

  • different men and women prefer different scent (e.g. floral, wood, leather, citrus, or gourmand);
  • test the scent one after another; try a spray on your wrist and let it sink for 10 minutes to really get the right scent;
  • dab or spray near the joints for lasting scent;
  • scent is affected by body chemistry, age and lifestyle;
  • protect your perfume from direct sun exposure and extreme weather;
  • use little bottles for handy use;
  • be vigilant from fake perfumes, trust only legitimate buyers;
  • oil - based perfumes last longer.

The Knee Sock Test

You Show Charm

You are a magnetic and delightful person. You are quite attractive, and you know it.

You are a total flirt, and it's all in good fun. You love playful and witty banter.

You are outgoing and a total people person. You are a bit of a gossip, but only in a lighthearted way.

You are a natural people-pleaser. You want everyone to be happy, and you don't mind playing the role of diplomat.

Accessorize Your Place with Elegance and Style

While some are quite lucky that they are creative and have the right resources to beautify their place, others simply struggle to find the right resources to do their own home interior decoration.

Somehow, my architecture - graduate husband had the basics and skills of design that our boutique and home look pleasing.

Common sense says that home decorations should match your personality and taste. I don't want to go home where my house is not all welcoming and soothing. I want that my place emulates life and color. So, for one, our house is painted green, purple and cream.

Further, since our family is quite big, we have sturdy rustic wooden furnitures that aren't space wasting. Since kids swarm our place, we make sure that our home decors are kept in higher place and durable enough to withstand accidents.

If you want other home decors including hot tub covers then, it is important that your choices are based on budget, personality, practicality. You want your home to be your visual statement, so, with professional help or none, you can bring out life from your very own haven.

Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop Bags

my BUILT laptop bag

photo source:

I received for Christmas 2010 new BratPack sling notebook bag and I quite love the gift since I can just my notebook anywhere without the bulk and overbearing size of my other Built laptop bag.

While the Built bag is all neoprene while the other bag is of all synthetic materials, there can be ways how to take care of them.

I got all my neoprene bag filled with dust and the occasional rain brought water stains that made an unpleasant look. So, with a light brush and mild soap, I washed the bag and let it air dry but away from direct sunlight. Presto, it is back to its original look.

My synthetic bag is not at all exempted from natural dirt and smudge, so, a damp cloth and air dry restores the bag to its old state.

Depending on your laptop bags, you can pick the right ways to attend to them.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

Laura Ashley from Kreativ Boutique

I personally like leather shoes because they are durable and comfortable for my feet that endure long hours of walking and standing. I have to make sure that my heels are well cushioned and my type of shoes makes the difference.

So, since leather shoes are pricey, we have to make sure that we know how to take care of them to prolong their lifespan.

Here are the practical tips to take care of your precious leather shoes:

  • Use leather protection liquid against UV, dust and other leather enemies;
  • Use water repellent protection; before you apply your treatment, clean your shoes with damp cloth before applying the treatment to open the leather pores for better absorption;
  • Air dry your shoes if they are wet or from use; Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Clean regularly your shoes; use leather conditioner for the needed moisture.
  • Keep them in room temperature because extreme heat can also deteriorate your shoes.

How to Take Care of Your Fashion Accessories

fashion accessories from Kreativ Boutique

One of the fashion essentials to highlight any outfit and accentuate body structure is to make use of fashion accessories that will complement any choice of fashion style.

And, these accessories may include plastic, leather, nature's materials, silver, or gold. With varying prices and quality, we can only attend to their special needs to make sure that they last longer than they should.

If you are lucky, you can customize your own fashion accessories for use or sale. If you buy the right materials  to complement your accessories' designs, you can get a big boost and praises on your unique craftsmanship.

So, when you desire to have fashion accessories, here are the basic tips to take care of them:
  • Depending on the accessories' materials, use the most appropriate cleaning material; use only anti - tarnish and anti - scratch cleaning fluid or cloth.
  • Keep your accessories in air - tight containers to avoid tarnish, dust, sun exposure;
  • Check on loose threads, broken beads among others and repair them if needed;
  • Customize old fashion accessories to create new ones.

Filipina Danica Flores Magpantay Crowned Ford Supermodel of the World 2011

2011 Ford Supermodel of the World Danica Flores Magpantay

photo source: GMA News TV

Filipinos can't but be more happy and proud that another Filipino has swept off the world but this time in the fashion industry as 17 - year old UP Fine Arts student bagged the 2011 title of Ford Supermodel winning a $250,000 modeling contract.

Gone are the stereotypes that only the blond and the west girls get the attention. So, congratulations to Danica and to the entire Philippines.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Loving Korean Fashion and Drama

It was in 2004 that I began loving Asian drama series and I was one of the many Filipinos who fall for F4 and their Meteor Garden phenomenon and since then, my passion for romance – comedy accelerated from Taiwanese to Korean series. And, the obsession covers their distinct fashion style.

So, why I do rave over their fashion statement and drama, here are my top reasons:

  • Beautiful people with their small – frame structures;
  • Stylish and innovative outfit that makes them look like cuddly dolls;
  • Inexpensive prices but with guaranteed satisfaction;
  • Fashion and drama with heart and style;

Lee Min Ho and Yoon Eun - Hye from

Boys Over Flowers and Princess Hours/Coffee Prince

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How the Disable Can Exude Confidence and Style

People may acquire disability through accident or by birth but irregardless of the nature and cause of disability, people with special needs need not to be forsaken, ignored or criticized. In fact, they need compassion and support like social security benefits to live as normal life as possible.

Normally, people with disability experience serious psychological problems, thus, with interventions and self motivation, they can remedy their emotional issues.

With technology nowadays, the disability can be hidden, remedied or assisted boosting self esteem, stature and performance. So, with the right care, assistance and character, disability is only superficial.

What Modern Bombshell Are You Most Like?

You Are Most Like Christina Aguilera

"I'm experimental by nature...always exploring my creativity."

Customized Shirt on Sox Blogger's Birthday

few members of SOCCSARGEN BLOGGERS on author, Avel Manansala

Last January 19, 2011, we had the chance to join a fellow blogger on his 49th birthday and we were all required to be on orange - themed fit. The younger bloggers asked us to print them orange text but since the printing time was all rush, their design was incomplete. My partner, however, managed to complete my shirt that it had become an envy.

We indeed had great time and I hope we can continue with the shirt printing again.

Add Style to Your Home

My younger sibling and her partner had openly discussed relocating to a home just next to our parents' house. So, when their resources shall allow, they will have the construction re - continued and done. At least, we get to see her new baby and bond with them too.

So, when you want to add style to your new home, you may want to try these basic tips:

  • pick a color that is comfortable to the entire members of the family;
  • pick out appropriate furniture and fixtures that are quality, chic and space - economical;
  • add home decors and accessories including kitchen utensils to make your living more soothing and comfortable;
  • consult with an interior design any plan for your new home or you can use any self - guide to save on professional service;
  • have fun and enjoy living in your own place.

Filipino - American Designers on Golden Globe Awards

Catherine Zeta - Jones on emerald gown by Monique Lhuillier along with the gown for Mandy Moore
photo source: OMG

Glee's Amber Riley on Oliver Tolentino's gown
photo source:

The Filipino designers and the rest of the nation are only prouder when they heard on national news that Filipino designers, Oliver Tolentino and Monique Lhullier indeed made it in the Golden Globe Awards with designs donned on Hollywood celebrities.

This along with other talented artists and famous Manny Pacquaio made Philippines more proud.

Best and Worst Dress on Golden Globe Awards

Every year, the Golden Globe Awards commenced last January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California to give distinction to superb performance both in television and film. While I was excited to know who were the winners, I was more interested how the Hollywood celebrities filled the red carpet.

So, I got these interesting pictures that indeed captured my attention and both say "Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down."

Helen Mirren with 1.6M Carter necklace

Helena Bonham Carteron on Vivienna Westwood dress

Millla Jovovich on Armani Prive

photo source: OMG!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Be a Runway Model

With print and non - print ads boosting thin models on great outfit can indeed be the cause of envy. So, as much as possible, we try to stuff our closets with all the latest or with whatever our idols wear.

But, just like any tip from fashion experts, you too can be a runway model when you pick out fashion apparel and accessories that highlight more your strengths like great legs, curvy waist or plunging chest among others. But, above all these, you can boost more runway look when you too have the runway-model confidence. You have to be comfortable with how you look. You can further boost your self esteem when you:

  • lose or gain weights if needed;
  • treat skin or facial problems like pimples and acne with acne treatments that actually work among others;
  • improve your oral and verbal communication skills;
  • take personality development short course or sessions;

Storewide Boutique Sale

The payday sale of Kreativ Boutique shall run from January 14 to 16, 2011 and with paycheck to carry, we have variety of brand new stuffs to include apparel, bags, shoes, perfume and accessories. We have discounts up to 50% off on great selections.

Catch us in Gaisano Mall, General Santos City, Philippines.

Cool Summer Footwear

This coming summer shall be another ramp time for colors, styles, and prints. And for fashion vain, you can only get a pick from these 50 summer footwear I found from

Needing a Boutique Car

We have bringing our boutique stocks only through our family van and since it is an old four wheeler, it gets busted at unexpected times. Now, our new car battery needs a charge again.

I wish we can buy a new ick - up car with cheap car insurance to boost, so, we can bring it to remote cities whenever we go land adventures and stock shopping. It is quite costly and inconvenient to just take public vehicles when we have a lot of stocks to carry.

Next month, I shall be on travel to replenish our stocks and since my sister does not have a personal car, we just have to ride the local train and take buses instead. I am already beginning to dread for my shoes.

Practical Tip to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Authentic Guess sunglasses from Kreativ Boutique collection.

Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories but also bare essentials to protecting our eyes from UV rays.

We buy sunglasses of different brands, quality and prices and irregardless of whether they are pricey are not, we just have to take care of them to keep them scratch or break.

Practical tips include:

  • use of sunglasses pouch or case against scratch or break;
  • use soft tissue or anti - scratch cloth to wipe off sweat and dust from your sunglass as the acid from your sweat may erode the coat;
  • clean off your sunglasses using lukewarm water or sunglasses cleaner with smooth rubs;
  • bring loose frames or screws to sunglass service centers for prompt repair.

More Nature - Inspired Fashion

fighting fish inspired

cocoon inspired

Gisele Bundchen on water - inspired dress

Hummingbird inspired


In my previous post, I included a video of environment - inspired fashion, well, see other nature - influenced creations from renowned artists. Click here to see the complete gallery.

Environment - Inspired Fashion

video source:

Designers are not limited with their creativity and innovation and we see fashion themes from space to earth inspired. And, for nature lovers, earth - influenced designs are simply amazing and lovely.

I saw the video above and I can only commend how the designers had evolved their collections to captivate mother earth's treasures.

If you are a designer, you too can capture the environment around you. Perhaps, if your garden includes blooming flowers of roses or tulips, budding trees like sweet gum tree or playful birds on your bird's bath, then, you can draw them on your designs.

Not only that the nature - inspired designs are unique and fresh, they also teach lessons that we have to keep the beauty of our mother earth to enjoy it.

How to Take Care of Your Shirts

A greater number of people including me love shirts simply because they are comfortable and cool. So, on regular casual days, I am on tee - shirts and with the nice prints, the outfit is as comfy as my party fit.

I have shirts that are over three (3) years but they are close to brand news and the secret is always in the laundry.

To keep the quality of your shirts and your prints, it is best that you take note of how the shirts should be washed. Depending on the cloth material, the appropriate washing technique is appropriately determined. Your brand new and precious shirts can be washed in cold temperature while the stinky and old ones can be in warm water.

Further, you can protect your shirt prints by turning it inside and out. Typically, a newly printed shirt is ironed first before they are brought for washing.

A vinyl and stick - on print can be washed, however, depending on your print quality, the shirts can be washed frequently otherwise they can just be peeled off. Normally, I just hand - wash my shirts with sensitive prints.

Customizing Blog Shirts

We are back to printing blog shirts for sale and while this project started from helping a fellow blogger who is sick, we continue with our cause to help more.

Last night, we have made 'Blog This,' 'SOCCSARGEN BLOGGERS,' and 'Nobody Reads My Blog' with the customer's URL address. We sold the shirts to local members at PHP 250.00 but PHP 300.00 to outsiders with add-on of PHP 50.00 to customized shirts.

As soon as we can, we shall print more designs and sell these online.

Requiring Bigger Sizes

Since I stopped my jogging, I have been gaining unwanted bulges in different visible places particularly on the thighs and belly. It can really be very disappointing especially if I can't fit into my old clothes.

I have been procastinating my exercises for several months with teaching works and business among other reasons. But, when I feel too sluggish and disappointed from my own weight gains, I am compelled everyday to go back to jogging. But, my morning alarms for exercise are simply ignored and dismissed.

If nothing happens in my jogging habits, perhaps, other weight loss alternatives can be considered. I read there are safe and effective weight loss treatments. To read more of these, you can click here and see and experience weight miracles.

Practical Criteria to Check Bag Authenticity

We had this terrible experience when my family had purchased knockoffs of Coach, GUCCI and Dooney and Bourke. They were smitten since the price of D&B were sold at $120.00 and Coach at $500.00 from ebay.

But, our experience with customers tell us to be more cautious in our selling our boutique stuffs particularly the bags. So, when a Coach lover checked our Coach bag and gave her approval on the authenticity, I was forced to check on authenticity standards of other signature bags.

From my readings, I can only pick these common characteristics of authentic bags:

  • Quality of materials and craftmanship. When you purchase a fake bag, normally, after a few use, you will see loose threads, broken straps, torn interiors. So, before this can happen to you, go to authorized bag resellers and see how authentic bags should look like. Check if the stitching is impeccable, the prints are correct, the leather straps are not just sewn together, zippers are smooth, stamps are around to name a few.
  • Price difference. This can really be cocky since some resellers simply use the price to deceive their buyers. So, before you hand down your payment, have a thorough check.
  • Check for serial numbers if bags have one. Some bags may not have any serial number but brands like Coach, Gucci, Dooney and Bourke are few of the brands that do have serial numbers. Some bags' site offer serial number checking. You can practically check the numbers first before buying.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Ripped Off by Fake Bags

Our boutique has been operating since 2010 and while we continue to have bleak sales, we can only persevere and updated with our stocks. We display wide collections of Asian apparel and some signature bags, shoes, perfume, apparel and accessories.

So, just recently, we received bags with GUCCI and Dooney and Bourke items and while we took pride in having these stuffs on our boutique, we were quite surprised that the items don’t actually comply authenticity standards. We could only comply and sigh that the hard money we had to buy the bags gone bad and vain.

We decided to pull out the fake bags from the shelves to keep our integrity. We simply had a bad lesson learned and with that my family will just have to be careful in buying out items for sale.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Accessorize through Cellphone Stick - On Art

One of the latest fad these days is the stick - on art we place on our precious cellphones. And, since they can just come and go, all sorts of stick - on arts can be used at regular rate. If you are lucky, you can schedule your cellphone art design each day.

With cellphone as one of our bare essentials, we can only be very particular as to how it should look, perform particularly with network connections that may require cellular booster antenna and other features that can make mobile communication fun and entertaining.

I shall however consider if I shall have cellphone art on display too.

Needing Custo Barcelona Bags

Custo Barcelona Bags different prints and styles

Because I personally use this type of bag and it is tested to last over years, we sold a good number and we need a new batch to fill our display.

So, come February, I shall be acquiring new collections of Custo Barcelona bags and perhaps, I can check on Custo Barcelona apparel too. Perhaps, Kreativ Boutique's clients can equally appreciate Custo tops.

How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watch

authentic and brand new Fossil watch for men (pre-sold)
authentic and brand new DKNY watch for women
PHP 9,500.00

I equally love luxury bags, shoes and watches and with that pricey tags compel me to do all means to attend to them and make sure that they last longer than expected. We have DKNY, Paris Hilton and Gossip watch in Kreativ Boutique and they can be a little pricey since they are all original and brand new.

With my vanity, posts are written how to take care of bags and shoes, and this time, I wish to share these practical tips to make sure that your luxury watch are protected.

  • Read your watch manual; check how it can be serviced regularly and protected from any damage, scratch and alike;
  • Before you submerge your watch to water, check if it is water resistant or not and up to what water level. You can pat dry you wet watch if is not water resistant. Also, it can be smarter to just remove the watch before any water contact.
  • If your watch is stored longer, remove the battery or simply have it replaced to avoid leakage;
  • If your watch wrist band is leather - made, protect it from extreme temperature, perfume or water to avoid chapping or cracking.
  • Protect your watch from scratch by wrapping it with a soft anti - scratch cloth or soft tissue and store it.

Restructuring Boutique's Display

Our store's space is only around 19 square - meter area and with this meager and restricted space, we can only display a few of our stocks. Thus, we can only find ways how to restructure it to display our other stocks without overcrowding the entire space.

We have a number of glass displays and center display table to showcase our signature collections of sunglasses, fashion accessories, lingeries, bags, shoes and perfumes.

Once in awhile, we cut and design the glasses for our display but this would mean acquiring cutting tools for personal and business use.

Having a good store structure makes an impression and can actually contribute to making a sale. Thus, it is always smarter to have an intelligent space planning.

Take Care of Your Purses

Rolfs snake - print purse

Nine West red hand bag

Rolfs snake - designed clutch bag

Kreativ Boutique has a new collection of purses and small handbags from Nine West, Rolfs, Gucci, Dooney and Bourke and more that can be quite cool and chic on any occasion, may it be party or simply girls' night out.

And, when you have these kind of small bags, you can't help but know how you can best protect your precious and pricey loots.

  • Stack only the cards and IDs needed. Leave the unwanted ones;
  • Have a separate purse for coins or car/house keys;
  • Protect your purse from food/drink stains;
  • Keep your purse in a dark and room temperature if not in use;
  • Don't overcrowd your purse. Bring only a lipstick, pressed powder that aren't too big for your purse;

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Searching Through 2011 Fashion Trends

Fashion is never constant nor forever dead; in fact, the 70's baggy bottoms are expected to sweep off the fashion limelight. Skinny bottoms with wild and wacky prints or cuts shall continue to overwhelm 2011. And, with celebrity preferences and West' influence on Asian fashion, we can only be amazed, wowed and swept off.

So, with the new year, our boutique continues to search through what can be in and hot this 2011 and loud colors like red, orange and green highlighted with floral/stripes/lines and big - size accessories are simply rocking the runway.

With school events, summer and weddings, we can only complete our boutique racks with the latest hot collections under very reasonable rates. So, happy buying everyone!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Elegant in Occupational Uniforms

Uniforms, stylish in colors, prints or cuts, can be selective depending on the institution and prevailing culture. But, how exactly can you be elegant in your very limiting and restraining occupational uniform?

If you are wearing one of your nursing scrubs, it will do you best if you choose the most appropriate cut that is not too tight nor too loose for you. Somehow, this will hide your weaknesses (e.g. bigger waist or flat chest) or highlight your strengths (e.g sexy curves).

You can also pick accessories that can somehow add color and spice to your uniforms. Depending on your existing policies on your uniform like on your scrub clothing, select earrings, necklace or hair accessories to complete your outfit.

Your uniforms need not to be plain and conservative and limited to works. We can always be fashionable in whatever wardrobe we pick, with some guides from our working place and a little fashion taste, we can make any day, working or not, be a fun and exciting ramp day!

Why Buyers Prefer Asian Fashion

It is January and we are just done with Christmas sales along with the holidays marketing. And, while USA fashion and collections fared well, most of the stocks that were selling like hotcakes were all stuffs from Philippines, Korea, Hongkong, Bangkok and China.

I can only cite the following reasons why Asian fashion simply rocks!

1. They are cheaper. Comparing the same style but with different materials, Asian apparel are simply cheaper in price values. While quality may be in question, some Asian apparel simply go through as strict quality control.

2. The sizes are more fit. With Asian designers, the sizes are simply more fit and appropriate to Asian buyers.

3. They are stylish in color, prints and cuts. While there are other non - Asian designers who are really innovative with styles, Asian designs are simply cool! And, with culture and skin tones, they simply match other Asian buyers.