Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Elegant in Occupational Uniforms

Uniforms, stylish in colors, prints or cuts, can be selective depending on the institution and prevailing culture. But, how exactly can you be elegant in your very limiting and restraining occupational uniform?

If you are wearing one of your nursing scrubs, it will do you best if you choose the most appropriate cut that is not too tight nor too loose for you. Somehow, this will hide your weaknesses (e.g. bigger waist or flat chest) or highlight your strengths (e.g sexy curves).

You can also pick accessories that can somehow add color and spice to your uniforms. Depending on your existing policies on your uniform like on your scrub clothing, select earrings, necklace or hair accessories to complete your outfit.

Your uniforms need not to be plain and conservative and limited to works. We can always be fashionable in whatever wardrobe we pick, with some guides from our working place and a little fashion taste, we can make any day, working or not, be a fun and exciting ramp day!