Saturday, January 29, 2011

Choosing and Keeping Your Perfumes

authentic Victoria Secret's perfumes sold in Kreativ Boutique

One of the collections we sell in our boutique is the authentic perfumes from different brands including Victoria Secret's, Bath and Body Works, Hugo, Lacoste, Adidas, Gucci, Sex and the City, Jovan and more.

Oftentimes, we get questions and demands from our customers as to picking the right scent and giving them perfume basics. And, I compile the following facts:

  • different men and women prefer different scent (e.g. floral, wood, leather, citrus, or gourmand);
  • test the scent one after another; try a spray on your wrist and let it sink for 10 minutes to really get the right scent;
  • dab or spray near the joints for lasting scent;
  • scent is affected by body chemistry, age and lifestyle;
  • protect your perfume from direct sun exposure and extreme weather;
  • use little bottles for handy use;
  • be vigilant from fake perfumes, trust only legitimate buyers;
  • oil - based perfumes last longer.