Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watch

authentic and brand new Fossil watch for men (pre-sold)
authentic and brand new DKNY watch for women
PHP 9,500.00

I equally love luxury bags, shoes and watches and with that pricey tags compel me to do all means to attend to them and make sure that they last longer than expected. We have DKNY, Paris Hilton and Gossip watch in Kreativ Boutique and they can be a little pricey since they are all original and brand new.

With my vanity, posts are written how to take care of bags and shoes, and this time, I wish to share these practical tips to make sure that your luxury watch are protected.

  • Read your watch manual; check how it can be serviced regularly and protected from any damage, scratch and alike;
  • Before you submerge your watch to water, check if it is water resistant or not and up to what water level. You can pat dry you wet watch if is not water resistant. Also, it can be smarter to just remove the watch before any water contact.
  • If your watch is stored longer, remove the battery or simply have it replaced to avoid leakage;
  • If your watch wrist band is leather - made, protect it from extreme temperature, perfume or water to avoid chapping or cracking.
  • Protect your watch from scratch by wrapping it with a soft anti - scratch cloth or soft tissue and store it.