Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Shirts

A greater number of people including me love shirts simply because they are comfortable and cool. So, on regular casual days, I am on tee - shirts and with the nice prints, the outfit is as comfy as my party fit.

I have shirts that are over three (3) years but they are close to brand news and the secret is always in the laundry.

To keep the quality of your shirts and your prints, it is best that you take note of how the shirts should be washed. Depending on the cloth material, the appropriate washing technique is appropriately determined. Your brand new and precious shirts can be washed in cold temperature while the stinky and old ones can be in warm water.

Further, you can protect your shirt prints by turning it inside and out. Typically, a newly printed shirt is ironed first before they are brought for washing.

A vinyl and stick - on print can be washed, however, depending on your print quality, the shirts can be washed frequently otherwise they can just be peeled off. Normally, I just hand - wash my shirts with sensitive prints.