Friday, January 14, 2011

Practical Criteria to Check Bag Authenticity

We had this terrible experience when my family had purchased knockoffs of Coach, GUCCI and Dooney and Bourke. They were smitten since the price of D&B were sold at $120.00 and Coach at $500.00 from ebay.

But, our experience with customers tell us to be more cautious in our selling our boutique stuffs particularly the bags. So, when a Coach lover checked our Coach bag and gave her approval on the authenticity, I was forced to check on authenticity standards of other signature bags.

From my readings, I can only pick these common characteristics of authentic bags:

  • Quality of materials and craftmanship. When you purchase a fake bag, normally, after a few use, you will see loose threads, broken straps, torn interiors. So, before this can happen to you, go to authorized bag resellers and see how authentic bags should look like. Check if the stitching is impeccable, the prints are correct, the leather straps are not just sewn together, zippers are smooth, stamps are around to name a few.
  • Price difference. This can really be cocky since some resellers simply use the price to deceive their buyers. So, before you hand down your payment, have a thorough check.
  • Check for serial numbers if bags have one. Some bags may not have any serial number but brands like Coach, Gucci, Dooney and Bourke are few of the brands that do have serial numbers. Some bags' site offer serial number checking. You can practically check the numbers first before buying.