Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop Bags

my BUILT laptop bag

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I received for Christmas 2010 new BratPack sling notebook bag and I quite love the gift since I can just my notebook anywhere without the bulk and overbearing size of my other Built laptop bag.

While the Built bag is all neoprene while the other bag is of all synthetic materials, there can be ways how to take care of them.

I got all my neoprene bag filled with dust and the occasional rain brought water stains that made an unpleasant look. So, with a light brush and mild soap, I washed the bag and let it air dry but away from direct sunlight. Presto, it is back to its original look.

My synthetic bag is not at all exempted from natural dirt and smudge, so, a damp cloth and air dry restores the bag to its old state.

Depending on your laptop bags, you can pick the right ways to attend to them.