Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why Buyers Prefer Asian Fashion

It is January and we are just done with Christmas sales along with the holidays marketing. And, while USA fashion and collections fared well, most of the stocks that were selling like hotcakes were all stuffs from Philippines, Korea, Hongkong, Bangkok and China.

I can only cite the following reasons why Asian fashion simply rocks!

1. They are cheaper. Comparing the same style but with different materials, Asian apparel are simply cheaper in price values. While quality may be in question, some Asian apparel simply go through as strict quality control.

2. The sizes are more fit. With Asian designers, the sizes are simply more fit and appropriate to Asian buyers.

3. They are stylish in color, prints and cuts. While there are other non - Asian designers who are really innovative with styles, Asian designs are simply cool! And, with culture and skin tones, they simply match other Asian buyers.