Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zipline Support Gears

with sister on zipline gears

We have been joining eco – tourism fun including hiking, mountain climbing and zipline adventure. And, oftentimes, we are advised to just put on athletic gears including climbing shoes for convenience and support.

But, when we were scheduled to have a fun zipline over hundred meter zipline cables, we could only be both excited and anxious to get the fun done.

We were however to wear zipline safety gears to make sure that we won’t just fall off from the zip cables. I wonder if these kind of recreation risks are defined in life insurance glossary including provisions for accidents.

Somehow, my anxiety over height and speed subsided when I saw the rest of zipline riders simply had fun. In fact, my 8 – year - old kid had a good shrill when he took his first zip cable rid and I could only envy his courage and faith.

Hello Kitty Girls

Hello Kitty

Kreativ Boutique has been selling accessories to complement the apparel, bags and shoes, and perfumes that we have. But, apart from these, we have hair accessories that include stylish pony tails, clips and headbands for all ages.

One of our bestsellers are some cute and bright Hello Kitty pony tails and headbands that quite attract the little girls and mommies who simply adore Hello Kitty stuffs.

And, since we are Hello Kitty fanatics too, on one lazy afternoon, we simply sport on our boutique’s boots and just had a good fun.

If only I have a daughter, I shall be one of the many mothers who love to have Hello Kitty on their little girls.

2011 Kalilangan Festival Concludes

on Madagascar Street Dancing
photographer: Ariel Oclarit

February is Foundation Charter Anniversary of General Santos City and the month is simply filled with various events that are spread over city's best places along with city's showcase of talents, skills and native goodies.

So, February 27 was the end of all events and we managed to witness the street party, dog show, air soft competition and the open - park exhibits.

One of the tourist attractions is the street dancing that showcases various schools' presentations with their fabulous colors and grace.

Now, that the event is designated to an academic institution, the 2011 Kalilangan has some shifts and turns, but we can only expect that next year's celebration shall be grander and merrier.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clothes to Look Thinner

Losing the extra pounds takes more than one day or week of diet or exercise. If weight loss is easy, then, perhaps gyms among others won't come abound. We are only luckier because we have other options to keeping or losing our extra pounds which include taking appetite suppressants like Phentermine 37.5 and / or cosmetic surgeries.

But, to complement our weight - loss strategies, we can use clothes to look thinner. You can try the following tips:

  1. Use undergarments that are of appropriate sizes. Bra that is too tight can only cause the extra bulges and this is also true for underwear.
  2. Avoid oversized / undersized jewelry because they can highlight your extra weights;
  3. Use boot cut jeans instead of flared ones to give a symmetrical look;
  4. Avoid maxi dress as they make you look bigger;
  5. Use long dresses for tall girls and short cuts for short women;
  6. Wear clothes of your size only;
  7. Use patterns to give a weight illusion;

How to Know a Dooney and Bourke Original Bags

Dooney and Bourke bag at Kreativ Boutique

We have this one authentic Dooney and Bourke bag left in Kreativ Boutique while the other D & B's were also sold but from the recent stocks that had arrived, we have to pull out one fake D & B and unfortunately, it was purchased around $150.

My in - laws could only be disheartened because of the wasted money but how do we exactly check if a D & B bag is all authentic.

You can have this check list:

  1. the red / white / blue registration number is sewn under the leather seam;
  2. the treads and trimmings are consistent all through out;
  3. the all - weather bags are soft and not stiff;
  4. solid brass hardwares including buckles, latches;

To see the complete list, see ebay's reference. So, before you hand out your hard - earned pay on an D & B bag, make sure you know what to check for.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lakan and Lakambini 2011 Candidates on Swimwear

GenSan'sLakan and Lakambini 2011 candidates
photo source: Orman Manasala

Today is the grand day for this beauty competition and unlike other beauty photo shoots, they have their swimwear on wacky stances.

Since I missed the grand coronation event, I can only anticipate for some nice pictures of the grand event along with this year's Lakan and Lakambini.

Filipino Celebrity Proud and Slimmer

Slimmer Sharon Cuneta
photo source:

Filipino actress Sharon Cuneta who is way too big compared to her golden years in show business shows off her great weight loss when she went through surgical weight – loss operation from a known plastic surgery clinic in the Philippines.

But, just like any celebrity and any other ordinary people who go through invasive operations to reduce weights, the actress who still appears big to me continues to experience the discomfort and risks of being overweight.

Most people want to be sexy and fabulous, but, diet and lifestyle can be major hindrances to becoming sexy and lean. Thus, other weight loss options can be considered and when we do, it is wiser to read various weight loss supplement reviews for top picks.

The fans of the actress can be quite pleased seeing their idol look great and I can only hope to acquire same great weight loss too. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Are You Silver or Gold?

You Are Silver

You are down to earth and unpretentious. You don't feel like you need to show off, and you're very secure with your place in the world.

You are understated and elegant. You carry yourself with poise, and you're more known for what you don't do than what you do.

You can fit in anywhere from a country western bar to a black tie gala. You are adaptable and adventurous.

You are blind to social class and background. You see people as who they are ... not as where they came from or how much money they have.

How to Distinquish Original Coach from Replicas

Original Coach bag sold at Kreativ Boutique

Coach is just one of the top brands that their replicas simply come abound. And, since we have bags sold at Kreativ Boutique, we can be quite particular with authenticity standards of each brand we sell. Unfortunately, we acquired Dooney and Bourke and Gucci fake bags and we just have to pull them off from the shelf. On the lighter side, we have this original coach bag from one of its outlets in USA.

Coach original bags shall have these features:

  • leather is soft compared to the thick and stiff quality of most fake coach bags;
  • the "C" markings must be symmetrical especially at the seams, fakes are sometimes misaligned and flawed;
  • spellings must be all correct;
  • stamps can be found on a small leather piece or marked on the strap buttons;
  • inside lining can be satin or cotton made with horizontal lining and/or C emblem;
  • zippers are marked YKK not YTK;

Wanting Running Gear

I have been running consistently for a few weeks and I can only wish that I can sustain the morning exercise to stay fit and look good. The thing is I just have to work harder to remove my belly lumps and need the weight loss I desire.

My running shoes are all dilapidated that I just endure the driving shoes instead. So, what top my athletic wish list is a good pair of Nike running shoes, some sports bra and running apparel.

Weight loss is never easy; in fact, it is a persisting struggle among aging adult whose metabolism and lifestyle become less active. No wonder some go for medical – surgical alternatives and / or best weight loss pill for fast results. But, with proper diet, regular exercise and some best weight loss pills to consider, any weight loss goal can be realized.

Perhaps, I can somehow update my athletic gear apparel and start letting go of my beaten old gears.

One - Stop - All Kreativ Boutique

Kreativ Boutique is barely seven (7) months old and from few stuffs that we originally sold, the store is now packed with the following:

  • shirts
  • blouses
  • pants
  • shorts
  • perfumes
  • shoes
  • bags
  • hair accessories
  • lingeries
  • watches
  • belts
  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • tribal accessories
  • cosmetics
  • and more . . .

So, if you want to have something for a party, occasion, gift or two, visit us first and the trip shall be very worthwhile.

More Juana Blouses

These are few of the new Juana blouses that recently arrived in Kreativ Boutique and we are take only pride from this brand because not only that it is cheaper, it is way too stylish and chic too.

But, we are happier these days because some blouses are cotton made and that we have blazers and dresses to complement the blouse tops.

So, if you want to acquire these chic and lovely Juana tops, see at at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano, General Santos City.

Dresses to Avoid From

maxi dress from

Since the start of February, gown and dresses come abound for proms, graduations, beach escapades, and more parties. And, staying in a boutique, somehow, allows us to assist our customers on their dress needs.

So, if you are overweight, stay away from dresses that cut from the chest because they shall highlight your belly making you look pregnant.

If you are way past adolescent stage, wear only dresses that are appropriate. Trying to look young by wearing the wrong outfit can only make you a fool and uncomfortable.

Depending on the occasion, don’t wear dresses that look extraordinary like leopard glossy prints on Sunday’s barbeque night.

Stay away from dresses that would rather show off your weaknesses like dark armpits or lumpy arms. Wear instead dresses that heighten your strengths like firm butt, long legs or full chest.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Defy Age

I am in my early 30’s and while I get to deceive others of my age, somehow, reality sticks out through proud pain of age lines on my face. So, it is quite an envy to see celebrities past 50 who still look beautiful. Take for instance the likes of Madonna, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and the list can just go on. But, exactly how can ordinary girls like me defy age? Here are smart tips smart ladies can take:

  • Avoid direct exposure from sunlight as UV rays cause the skin blemishes and wrinkling. Sun block lotions or creams are commercially available for out taking;
  • Take extra caution against beauty products that are too harsh on skins. Consider natural beauty enhancers like Aloe Vera or coconut milk or honey for skin and hair moisture;
  • Detoxify yourself through safe and effective procedures and / or treatments including colon cleansers ;
  • Eat healthy foods including a big amount of vegetables and fruits;
  • Take 8 glasses of water or more;
  • Exercise regularly since they can keep you fit, healthy and best of all, protect you from age – related diseases like dementia or osteoporosis;
  • Be with a good company of friends because they keep you young and happy inside and out;
  • Take a fun and enjoyable job because you can just endure stress with patience and vigor. Remember, smiles can make anyone look young, so, smile a lot because your job, family, friends, and achievements are more than enough reasons to be grateful and happy about.

Valentine's Day + Kreativ Boutique = RED

with store attendants in Kreativ Boutique on Valentine's Day 2011

Before we even started with Kreativ Boutique, I simply have this pressing inkling for RED and since I quite believe on Chinese Feng Shui to wear red to shove away evil.

Further, based on our birthdays, Feng Shui even suggested to have red or orange in our establishments for good luck.

So, when Valentine's Day came, the boutique is overwhelmed with the R - E - D thing and I am loving it more and more!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 GandangHari Beauty Search Grand Coronation

2011 GandangHari candidates

photo source: Orman Manansala

The GandangHari Beauty Search had started when a national actor, Rustom Padilla, now Bibi GandangHari, announced that he is gay. So, the locals of General Santos City takes pride in this year's candidates because not only they are pretty, they really simply resemble women in most physical features too. They are quite sexy and I am quite sure, their fat burning pills are sure effective. A woman can get quite insecure when she stands next to GandangHari candidates. Women can get some wisdom from these male ladies how to look and feel good and get away with it.

So, after the elimination and talent show, February 20, 2011 shall be the big day since this 2011's new jewel shall be proclaimed. This is one event every General should not miss.

Up to 50% OFF on SIGNATURE SHOES!!!!

This is the big promo that our Kreativ Boutique customers are waiting for. We finally have our 50% discount on signature shoes including Nine West, Franco Sarto, Nina, Anne Klein, Bandolino, Relativity and more.

Some stocks have other size or two but others are in one size only, thus, visit us soon and get your best pick. See you soon!

Personalizing Your Fashion Accessories

While there are commercial fashion accessories that come in cheap or expensive prices, nothing indeed beats personalized fashion accessories like anklets, bracelets, necklaces or earrings for you and your loved ones.

You can check various designs from the net and even how - to - design guides and with materials on hand, you can do wonders with your fingers.

They can be quite special too if you have names of your loved ones and yours are conspicuous on your designs. With your unique designs and TLC, I am sure, you and your loved ones shall be quite pleased.

Needing Running Shoes

one of my wished Nike running shoes

I have been running again since I notice the persisting bulges on my belly and saggy lumps on my arms and legs. This is the thing with exercise, sometimes, you can be lazy and just have different reasons to skip it for a day or two.

Since, I gave up my other pair of running shoes, I had my old pair ripped off already that I have to endure my driving shoes instead.

Losing weight is never really easy; One just have to exercise, go through strict diet to make sure that you have the right curves. But, for most of us, losing weight can be quite an ordeal. Thus, we can also try other fast and effective alternative, we can check sensa weight loss reviews to see the best weight loss option.

I just have to wait until I get my new running shoes and the jogging can be less burdensome.

Cool Juana Office Blouses

Few of the Juana blouses from Kreativ Boutique

One of the stocks we take pride in is our collection of Juana blouses that the general public can just acquire at reasonable rates.

The prices are just affordable but the quality is competitive with other high - end brands. Consequently, the buying public goes for these like hotcakes on silver platter.

So, check them out and see them for yourself.

How to Take Care of Your Canvas Bags

Relic bag from
Kreativ Boutique

Custo Barcelona canvas bag from Kreativ Boutique

One of the nice things about canvas bag like the Custo and Relic bags that we have is the fact that they are light to use and can just be used in one of those casual days when you are in sneakers or in flip flops. Most companies use tote or boat canvas bags for promotional too. Regardless of their use, we can only find ways how we can keep them longer.

So, how do we exactly take care of these nice and lovely bags, you can try these:

  • Protect them from dirt, stains, and colored drinks;
  • Air dry them once in awhile;
  • keep them in room temperature as other parts of the bag like the linings can be brittle from extreme weather;
  • If your bags need cleaning, bring them to professional cleaning service for due care but if this isn't possible, machine wash with mild detergent shall suffice. Make sure that you read its care instruction label to further protect your bags.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wanting Sports Apparel

Kreativ Boutique is filled with fashion apparel including shoes, bags and accessories but I have been wanting to display sports apparel to cater to customers who are sports inclined.

My husband and I do airsoft games, biking, badminton, roller skating among others and for every recreation we do, we just have to have the right sports gear. So,with this inclination, we wish to include sports collection. I am quite sure there are a number of sports fanatics who wish to have various sports gear to boost or simply find sports collections including football gift to share with their loved ones and friends.

For now, we can only find legitimate stores that sell sports memorabilia and hold on to them for next generation to come.

The Jewelry Test

You Are Fun

You always like to add a whimsical touch to your look. You never take yourself all that seriously.

You are driven, but you aren't taking the beaten path to success. You are doing things your way.

Of all the types, you are the most original and creative. You wear your uniqueness as a badge of honor.

You are bright and happy. You have a lot to be optimistic about, and you have a "can do" spirit.

Bizarre Valentine's Day Gifts

edible candy bra and G - String
photo source and facts:

Since it shall be LOVE DAY tomorrow, I can only think of ways to excite the day and I can only find nice ideas from the article I dug from Worry no more for your desert because the edible candy bra and g - string shall be your treat!

See the rest of the article here.

Wish List for 2011: Jewelry and More

The New Year is also a start of strings of birthdays and since we only want our loved ones to be happy on their big days, we can only seek out their wish lists and find a way to give them on special days.

So, the wish list includes the following:

  • iphone
  • Mac notebook
  • External hard drives and memory
  • Professional cameras
  • Photography studio set
  • Chrome watches
  • Jewelry
  • Toys and more toys

Free Valentine's Day Balloon

photo source:

Tomorrow shall be February 14 and most people celebrate this big day as celebration of love and life. To join our clients, we shall be giving free balloons to purchases worth PHP 300.00 or above. The balloon giving seems trivial but I am pretty sure our clients can only appreciate our humble token.

New Fashion Stock on Hand

Our store is filled with US and Asian apparel to offer wide variety of prices for middle and upper classes. While we don’t make good earnings from our Asian apparel, somehow, the steady sales make us afloat.

Now that we are 6 months old, we have acquired new and old customers we contact especially if we have new stocks to boost.

The stay quite taught us the fashion trends; for one, men rarely buy apparel while women are more impulsive and prone to shopping. Also, customers demand value from their hard – earned pay, thus, we only provide worth for every item they purchase. And, with this principle, customers trust us that we establish rapport and friendship over and above customer - seller relationship.
So, we can only anticipate for the return of our loyal customers and for more new customers.