Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Defy Age

I am in my early 30’s and while I get to deceive others of my age, somehow, reality sticks out through proud pain of age lines on my face. So, it is quite an envy to see celebrities past 50 who still look beautiful. Take for instance the likes of Madonna, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and the list can just go on. But, exactly how can ordinary girls like me defy age? Here are smart tips smart ladies can take:

  • Avoid direct exposure from sunlight as UV rays cause the skin blemishes and wrinkling. Sun block lotions or creams are commercially available for out taking;
  • Take extra caution against beauty products that are too harsh on skins. Consider natural beauty enhancers like Aloe Vera or coconut milk or honey for skin and hair moisture;
  • Detoxify yourself through safe and effective procedures and / or treatments including colon cleansers ;
  • Eat healthy foods including a big amount of vegetables and fruits;
  • Take 8 glasses of water or more;
  • Exercise regularly since they can keep you fit, healthy and best of all, protect you from age – related diseases like dementia or osteoporosis;
  • Be with a good company of friends because they keep you young and happy inside and out;
  • Take a fun and enjoyable job because you can just endure stress with patience and vigor. Remember, smiles can make anyone look young, so, smile a lot because your job, family, friends, and achievements are more than enough reasons to be grateful and happy about.