Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Distinquish Original Coach from Replicas

Original Coach bag sold at Kreativ Boutique

Coach is just one of the top brands that their replicas simply come abound. And, since we have bags sold at Kreativ Boutique, we can be quite particular with authenticity standards of each brand we sell. Unfortunately, we acquired Dooney and Bourke and Gucci fake bags and we just have to pull them off from the shelf. On the lighter side, we have this original coach bag from one of its outlets in USA.

Coach original bags shall have these features:

  • leather is soft compared to the thick and stiff quality of most fake coach bags;
  • the "C" markings must be symmetrical especially at the seams, fakes are sometimes misaligned and flawed;
  • spellings must be all correct;
  • stamps can be found on a small leather piece or marked on the strap buttons;
  • inside lining can be satin or cotton made with horizontal lining and/or C emblem;
  • zippers are marked YKK not YTK;