Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Know a Dooney and Bourke Original Bags

Dooney and Bourke bag at Kreativ Boutique

We have this one authentic Dooney and Bourke bag left in Kreativ Boutique while the other D & B's were also sold but from the recent stocks that had arrived, we have to pull out one fake D & B and unfortunately, it was purchased around $150.

My in - laws could only be disheartened because of the wasted money but how do we exactly check if a D & B bag is all authentic.

You can have this check list:

  1. the red / white / blue registration number is sewn under the leather seam;
  2. the treads and trimmings are consistent all through out;
  3. the all - weather bags are soft and not stiff;
  4. solid brass hardwares including buckles, latches;

To see the complete list, see ebay's reference. So, before you hand out your hard - earned pay on an D & B bag, make sure you know what to check for.