Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanting Running Gear

I have been running consistently for a few weeks and I can only wish that I can sustain the morning exercise to stay fit and look good. The thing is I just have to work harder to remove my belly lumps and need the weight loss I desire.

My running shoes are all dilapidated that I just endure the driving shoes instead. So, what top my athletic wish list is a good pair of Nike running shoes, some sports bra and running apparel.

Weight loss is never easy; in fact, it is a persisting struggle among aging adult whose metabolism and lifestyle become less active. No wonder some go for medical – surgical alternatives and / or best weight loss pill for fast results. But, with proper diet, regular exercise and some best weight loss pills to consider, any weight loss goal can be realized.

Perhaps, I can somehow update my athletic gear apparel and start letting go of my beaten old gears.