Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoy Summer Time with Summer Cool Fashion

Summer means enjoying the sun in beaches, malls and mountains using fashion outfit for a cooling and soothing effect. And, what can be more soothing than enjoying a piece or two of the following:

  • swimwear
  • shorts and sleeveless shirts
  • flip flops
  • summer hats
  • tanning and sunblock lotion
  • sweet and juicy fruits - filled Gift Baskets for Women
  • sarong
  • sunglass

While there can be different summer escapades due for fun and excitement, it is quite important that we stay safe and stay clear from UV rays between 10 am and 3 pm.

Waiting for More Summer Apparel

one of our overall summer apparels

We have summer dresses, shorts and blouses in Kreativ Boutique but since Philippines can only endure an all - year round of summer, we can only fill our boutique's display racks of more summer apparel.

So, come Monday, we shall be having more summer stuffs to fill our boutique.

D & G Winter 2011 Fashion Ramp

Too bad though that Philippines is a tropical country, so, most of the time, Filipinos only enjoy summer and rainy seasons all year round.

So, I can only envy the following winter collection and wish that soon we can have our migration to US and have a taste of winter season.

Here is a preview of D & G Winter 2011 Fashion Collection courtesy of Youtube.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Light Luggage and Travel Tips

It is practically summer in most places and what can be a better way to enjoy the sun and summer flowers other than cruising cities and / or countries for some break from stress - causing work and / or household chores. So, top choices include beaches, mountain treks, city - tours like New York Tour packages for a more fun and worthwhile vacation. It is a good thing that there are tour packages that can we check online to compare tour features, accommodations, add - on services and security to name a few.

So, with a target destination where to spend your good summer break, it is smarter to travel light for the following reasons:

  1. Ease - Imagine if you travel with so many bags that you only have endurance - test to bring them to and fro your choice of transit to your own place. You shall be enduring more and evading people rather than enjoying the opportunity of seeing new place and meeting new friends;
  2. Security - Carrying light means not spending so much time going through security procedures as you ride your plane, train or bus. With this, you get to reach your destination with promptness and peace of mind.
  3. Savings - When you travel light, you may enjoy the discounts given by airlines on no checked - in luggage. Further, you don't have to spend extra for porters or carriers to bring your extra baggages.
  4. Mobility - When you have little things to carry during your trip, you can practically go anywhere without having to worry of your baggages. You can simply walk through pedestrians, or ride any public transit, or drive your car with ease and flexibility.

Colors and Styles of CosPlay

World CosPlay Summit 2008

image source:

CosPlay or costumes play consumes the youth as it illustrates various anime and comics characters come to life as people all over the world sport their their fave anime characters that quite manifest their own personalities.

In the most recent CosPlay exhibit in a local mall, kids showed up in their fave cartoon and movie characters including but not limited to Naruto, Iron Man, Transformers robots, and more.

While we have fun seeing various real - time anime characters, the worldwide phenomena for Japanese manga can only bring joy to audience of different ages.

So, this 2011, the World CosPlay Summit shall commence in August in recently earthquake - stricken Japan. And, it shall be a new year of more fun and colorful characters in action.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cigarette Fashion

cigarette in fashion

image source:

It is not unusual when we see models holding cigarette as part of their photo stint. Most people of different age smoke for various reasons. But, one of fundamental reasons why they smoke is the personality they exude when they hold a cigarette.

When people hold cigarettes or cigars like mild ashton cigars , they give an aura of authority, independence and style. While health experts advice ill against smoking, people smoke not just because of the nicotine that they shall acquire but the confidence and power they exude when they hold a stick.

So, over decades, fashion cigarettes are natural accessory to most fashion houses, and most viewers and readers can only look to cigarette as a fashion fad for sexual appeal and more.

How to Know a Kathy Van Zeeland Fake

Kathy Van Zeealand bag

photo source:

In Kreativ Boutique, we have sold a few Kathy Van Zeeland bags and they are quite pleasing to most women because of their elegance and unique designs. While they are affordable and way too cheap compared to Louis Vuitton, they are now duplicated because of their commercial demand.

So, how do we basically know a Kathy Van Zeeland knock off? Here are the following tips:

  1. Buy authentic bag only from recognized Kathy Van Zeeland outlets but if this is not the case, check for some unique markings.
  2. A brochure of Kathy Van Zeeland collections is always inserted in the bag pockets.
  3. The KVZ hardware makes use of high quality metals;
  4. It has a logo on an inside blue label and the name is marked on the hardware;
  5. The price range may vary insignificantly for most retail stores, so, if they are sold in cheaper rates, then, the bags can be fakes.

Who's Your Celebrity Style Sister?

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Mischa Barton

Funky, bohemian, and girly.

Beautiful and Sexy at Their 50's

Sharon Stone

photo source:

While it may be vain to say that we want Hollywood body and face, we can only wish though or if we are lucky, we can go for best anti aging products and do other anti - aging procedures to help us contain our youth.

One of the Hollywood celebrities I adore is Sharon Stone who in spite of her age simply looks marvelous on her sexy bod. My other top choices include supermodel Iman and actress Rita Wilson.

We may still search for the fountain of youth but we can however delay aging if we only eat right, exercise regularly, contain stress level and stay clear from pollutants. A happy disposition can only make us look younger. Most likely, the sexy and body beautiful Hollywood celebrities can also agree.

Shirts for Printing

our customized orange shirt for the a fellow SOX blogger on his birthday

Kreativ Boutique shall be once again a sponsor for a city event and we shall be tasked to print and give shirts to the organizers. In this cause, we can only anticipate that the sponsorship can help the store boost its sales.

So, as soon as we get the design, we can start with our printing jobs and we can only hope that the works can be equally good.

How to Make Your Own Fashion Accessories

our own fashion accessories in Kreativ Boutique

It has been awhile since we design our own fashion accessories and personally, I was anxious at first since I am not a designer by profession, in fact, I once dressed quite strange.

But, anyone has the time, and passion can actually designer her or his own fashion accessories to range from necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, hats, head accessories to name a few.

So, what do we basically need to design our own fashion accessory specifically for earrings, bracelets or necklaces, I can only name the following:

  • some gemstones
  • beads
  • pliers
  • wires
  • locks
  • designer's book (if you need)

You can follow any from a book but if you simply want to express yourself, then just grab the tools and let your fingers do the work.

Travel Safely with Designer's Luggage

Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Travel Luggage
photo source:
It is almost summer time and most families and / or friends normally talk about having their vacations elsewhere. So, top vacation spots include open fields, out-of-the-town urban sites, mountains, beaches on accommodations.

And, if travel arrangements are all set and settled, we simply arrange our luggage and hit the road or the airport and just have our fun.

And, for most of us who have designer's luggage like the ever expensive Louis Vuitton, Coach, Kenneth Cole, Swiss Army or Tumi, we can only be very vigilant with our stuffs. So, we can include special marks on our bags like an ID. It is also a smarter choice if we go for anti - theft bags.

The Story of Academic Dress

graduation of kindergarten students of

GoldenState Little College, Philippines

Since it is academic year-end for most schools, graduations are held in different venues to recognize students with academic and non - academic excellence and to confer respective diplomas of the graduates.

And as a professor, I am actually obliged to wear my own academic gown to join the entire academic faculty and students.

Friendster - Rosilie's Photos: "With fellow Pilar College Faculty Members on Academic Dresses"

But, what is actually behind any academic dress? For most part, schools have different designs and color for their academic dresses to distinguish them from other schools. Further, each academic program has its unique color too to separate them from other courses. For instance, in ITE programs, we use silver for a color. So, the academic dress is composed of the usual robe or gown, hood and cap of varying types (e.g. bonnet, tam, mortarboard). And, the academic dresses are specifically distinguished for undergraduates, master holders, or doctoral holders.

Save Mother Earth, Go for Eco - Fashion

photo source:

In few minutes, the entire world shall 60 minutes of break from pollution, earth spoils, mining among others to give our mother Earth a rest from everything.

So, we enjoin everyone to support the 60 min - Earth Hour to help our Mother Earth. And, since this is a fashion blog, I can only support for eco - friendly fashion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anime Cosplay on the Run

my sister on her winning anime costume

Anime has been around and abound on national screen and real time as people get hooked to seeing anime series including Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball to name a few. This phenomenon is so hot that anime fanatics hold exhibits, costume plays, competitions and more. In fact, as I type, the local mall holds a national exhibit of anime goodies, costume playing and drawing / singing contests.

My sister had indeed had great time when she wore one of the anime costumes, a sexy house aid to boot!!! Her costume was so nice and alluring that she won 2nd place, just next to Cleopatra's impersonation.

If one is only slim, sexy and fit, any costume, anime or otherwise, can be all fun and interesting to look at.

I have been pursuing my morning jogs but losing weight is never easy that others would rather seek professional help specifically HCG weight loss Austin to help them reach their weight loss goals. If only I shed off the unwanted belly lumps, any anime costume can be worth trying.

Groom's Bridal Gown

with my old students from two different schools, the newlyweds

the entourage

Nothing is sweeter than seeing a wedding that is 100% well - planned and prepared. But, nothing interests me more than knowing that my student - bride wears a wedding gown personally designed by my student - groom. Cool!!!!

The newlyweds look good and nice on their all white suit while the rest of the entourage were on their beach - inspired attire.

I say, the wedding was one of the most romantic weddings I ever witnessed.

How to Look for the Right Swimsuit

different body shapes

photo source:

Filipina actress, Angel Locsin

Once March kicks in the Philippines, summer is just around the corner that beaches, and other entertainment getaways come abound. But, one personal favorites of most Filipinos is a splurge to long strips of beaches in the country.

But, exactly how do we search for the best swimsuit that we can look good on.

I gather the following tips from fashion experts, and, it won't hurt as any bit if we take their wisdom.

Not all fashionable and trendy swimsuits are appropriate for everyone. Thus, it is always a starter to determine our body shapes before we grab any Hollywood - looking swimwear.

There are different body shapes: triangle shape, hour glass, diamond shape to name a few.

Basic rule is never use any apparel, swimsuit or not, that will only highlight our flaws but rather flaunt our strengths.

If we have wide hips and belly, use one - piece solid color swimsuit because the color shall hide the width. So, if your body is not at all proportion, take caution in wearing two - piece swimsuit.

If you have a triangular shape or when you have smaller chest, wear padded tops or demi tops to give that balance illusion. Any decor on your top piece can flaunt the add - on width.

If you have short legs, wear a swimsuit that is cut higher on the thigh and vertical stripes to give a longer - leg illusion. On the other hand, if you have long legs, wear swimsuits like halter top that highlight the top instead of your lower section but stay clear from vertical stripes. You can look good on boy shorts or skirted bikinis too.

More importantly, it is fundamental that we select the swimsuit that we can be comfortable with. Thus, with a knowledge of your body shape, you can get the right pick for summertime.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Needing New Car for Boutique Stocks

Kreativ Boutique endures the no - vehicle stock courier, thus, we simply carry bulks of new stocks through public transport or our motorbike. We have our family van but the van suffers from mechanical and electrical problems for years now and in spite of the repair, the problems continue to persist.

No wonder, my partner envisions having a new car to meet our store operations and for our convenience too whenever we have to travel and buy new stocks. He is dreaming to have a brand new VIOS car with nice and efficient cheap auto insurance to boost.

We can only hope that the new business venture will do well, so, our dream of having a new car can be realized in no time. By then, I can start learning driving the car instead of enduring the risks of driving a motorbike.

Summer Apparel is On

few of the summer apparel in Kreativ Boutique

While it is summer all year round in the Philippines, most Filipinos enjoy April and May more because the heat is higher on these months and while classes are mostly off, we tend to enjoy more the days spent in beaches, malls and other recreational areas.

So, along with our graduation ball and ceremony gowns, we fill our racks with summer dresses, blouses, shorts and accessories for beach and casual wears to beat the heat off.

In fact, our mannequin sports a nice see - through nylon beach robe, shorts, and swimwear. Geez, If only I have nice legs, I can sport our goodies quite well.

Does Sweat Suit Really Help?

photo source:

I have been running consistently for a few years now, although, whenever I am on travel, sick or have my regular women's load, I miss the morning jogs. There were also times when I had all the reasons not to wake up and hit the running tracks, but, when I read that jogging among identified exercises helps in preventing dementia over and above other health benefits of exercise, I was fully convinced to continue with my runs.

My running suit only includes running shoes, jogging pants and loose shirts. But, I normally see runners on sweat suit and while I believe that these suana suits make you sweat more, I wonder if it indeed makes you lose weight more.

But, my research tells me that sauna suits only serve the purpose of sweating profusely but at to losing weights or releasing toxins, expert Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, a professor of dermatology at St. Louis University, says "sweating for the sake of sweating has no benefits. Sweating heavily is not going to release a lot of toxins."

So, fitness adviser for warns that sauna suits can be dangerous as their humidity reaches 100% while cardiovascular risks can be greater when it reaches 70% humidity. Thus,
risks like heatstroke, kidney failure, and other cardio-vascular related problems.

Consequently, if you want to lose weights, simply lead a healthy diet and active lifestyle and you need not need sweat suits to do the works.

To read more about sauna suit, you can click here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Natural vs Cultured Pearls

scallop pearls

photo source:

oyster pearls

photo source:

abalone pearls

photo source:

My mother in- law had given up her natural pearls to me as wedding gift along with the her necklace crested with mother pearl.

But, since they don't match in colors, I decided to buy cultured pearls. But, what makes the two kinds of pearls different. Natural pearls are grown naturally while the cultured ones are simply implanted by humans. The natural pearls are of course more expensive than their counterparts. Further, natural pearls have thicker nacre, or mother of pearl, layers than the cultured pearls.

Cultured pearls have indeed dominated the market because they can come in uniform sizes, color and cheaper rates. In fact, if you can't be too vigilant with your pearls, they may be cultured - grown.

Technology has indeed made everything possible. In fact, you can make grand jewelry, home fixtures with elegant armstrong grand illusions to boot at reasonable rates.

So, if you wish to highlight your jewelry box with pearls, decide whether you want the natural ones or cultured pearls will do. But, I am quite sure that pearls exhibit a strong character of elegance and style. So, money spent on these nature's gems can be all worthwhile.

2011's Most Expensive Watch

25 million 201 Carat Chopard

photo / fact source:

Since I have been wishing to either have a Tisot or Michael Kors but bid at quite pricey tag, I can't help but check what could be the most expensive watch. And, indeed I can only be excited, awed and surprised to know that this 201 carat crested watch is priced at 25 millions!!! Geez!

To see the top pricey watches, see the complete the article here.

My Dream Michael Kors Watch

One of my passion is watches along with the bags and shoes I want to collect and boot! In as much as I want a Tisot watch, I had seen a Michael Kors ceramic 3 - subdial and I simply fell in love. So, now my wishlist includes this Michael Kors ceramic white dials and come June, I shall have this great find.