Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Story of Academic Dress

graduation of kindergarten students of

GoldenState Little College, Philippines

Since it is academic year-end for most schools, graduations are held in different venues to recognize students with academic and non - academic excellence and to confer respective diplomas of the graduates.

And as a professor, I am actually obliged to wear my own academic gown to join the entire academic faculty and students.

Friendster - Rosilie's Photos: "With fellow Pilar College Faculty Members on Academic Dresses"

But, what is actually behind any academic dress? For most part, schools have different designs and color for their academic dresses to distinguish them from other schools. Further, each academic program has its unique color too to separate them from other courses. For instance, in ITE programs, we use silver for a color. So, the academic dress is composed of the usual robe or gown, hood and cap of varying types (e.g. bonnet, tam, mortarboard). And, the academic dresses are specifically distinguished for undergraduates, master holders, or doctoral holders.