Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Know a Kathy Van Zeeland Fake

Kathy Van Zeealand bag

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In Kreativ Boutique, we have sold a few Kathy Van Zeeland bags and they are quite pleasing to most women because of their elegance and unique designs. While they are affordable and way too cheap compared to Louis Vuitton, they are now duplicated because of their commercial demand.

So, how do we basically know a Kathy Van Zeeland knock off? Here are the following tips:

  1. Buy authentic bag only from recognized Kathy Van Zeeland outlets but if this is not the case, check for some unique markings.
  2. A brochure of Kathy Van Zeeland collections is always inserted in the bag pockets.
  3. The KVZ hardware makes use of high quality metals;
  4. It has a logo on an inside blue label and the name is marked on the hardware;
  5. The price range may vary insignificantly for most retail stores, so, if they are sold in cheaper rates, then, the bags can be fakes.