Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Look for the Right Swimsuit

different body shapes

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Filipina actress, Angel Locsin

Once March kicks in the Philippines, summer is just around the corner that beaches, and other entertainment getaways come abound. But, one personal favorites of most Filipinos is a splurge to long strips of beaches in the country.

But, exactly how do we search for the best swimsuit that we can look good on.

I gather the following tips from fashion experts, and, it won't hurt as any bit if we take their wisdom.

Not all fashionable and trendy swimsuits are appropriate for everyone. Thus, it is always a starter to determine our body shapes before we grab any Hollywood - looking swimwear.

There are different body shapes: triangle shape, hour glass, diamond shape to name a few.

Basic rule is never use any apparel, swimsuit or not, that will only highlight our flaws but rather flaunt our strengths.

If we have wide hips and belly, use one - piece solid color swimsuit because the color shall hide the width. So, if your body is not at all proportion, take caution in wearing two - piece swimsuit.

If you have a triangular shape or when you have smaller chest, wear padded tops or demi tops to give that balance illusion. Any decor on your top piece can flaunt the add - on width.

If you have short legs, wear a swimsuit that is cut higher on the thigh and vertical stripes to give a longer - leg illusion. On the other hand, if you have long legs, wear swimsuits like halter top that highlight the top instead of your lower section but stay clear from vertical stripes. You can look good on boy shorts or skirted bikinis too.

More importantly, it is fundamental that we select the swimsuit that we can be comfortable with. Thus, with a knowledge of your body shape, you can get the right pick for summertime.