Saturday, March 5, 2011

Natural vs Cultured Pearls

scallop pearls

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oyster pearls

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abalone pearls

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My mother in- law had given up her natural pearls to me as wedding gift along with the her necklace crested with mother pearl.

But, since they don't match in colors, I decided to buy cultured pearls. But, what makes the two kinds of pearls different. Natural pearls are grown naturally while the cultured ones are simply implanted by humans. The natural pearls are of course more expensive than their counterparts. Further, natural pearls have thicker nacre, or mother of pearl, layers than the cultured pearls.

Cultured pearls have indeed dominated the market because they can come in uniform sizes, color and cheaper rates. In fact, if you can't be too vigilant with your pearls, they may be cultured - grown.

Technology has indeed made everything possible. In fact, you can make grand jewelry, home fixtures with elegant armstrong grand illusions to boot at reasonable rates.

So, if you wish to highlight your jewelry box with pearls, decide whether you want the natural ones or cultured pearls will do. But, I am quite sure that pearls exhibit a strong character of elegance and style. So, money spent on these nature's gems can be all worthwhile.