Friday, April 29, 2011

Audit Controls on Kreativ Boutique and More

Since I practically manage our Kreativ Boutique, I instituted audit controls that include sales and expenditure reports along with periodic summary reports for the big bosses to know. Good thing that my laptop can come handy that I just carry it around but I quite need data backup software to secure all my files.

For any business to thrive, a good control mechanism must be in place and keeping reports for continuity and decision - making can make the managers and owners sane as they get the picture where their business is heading.

So, while it takes time and efforts to make the reports organized and updated, I can only compel myself to do the tasks.

Practical Tips on Leather and Leatherette Bags

Ashley Olsen Leather Bag

OiOi Chocolate Weathered Leatherette Tote Bag

I am quite disheartened when my leatherette Fiance handbag and Kathy van Zealand shoulder leatherette bag began to show cracks on folded corners in spite of rare use. But, leatherette bags are really low in quality that they deteriorate faster than their leather counterparts.

But, leatherette offer ease and cheap prices compared to expensive leather bags, thus, most people would go for the former. It is then not surprising to see these low - quality bags to go to waste.

Consequently, if you wish to have bags that can complement your classic look and can last longer, invest on leather bags instead.

Kreativ Boutique on Great Sale Promo

It is end of the month again and as store promotional strategy, we have held our week's long sale on all items which includes perfumes, lingerie, blouses, dresses, pants and even accessories. And, since we want our customers to get big worth from their hard - earned paychecks, we have the discounts on all our great collections.

And, since economy is still grim, we quite understand that a meager paycheck can't afford leisure and pleasure that we are only glad that they can check city payday advance as another option for financial support.

Practically, almost all business are on sale promo's but customers are smarter that they want satisfaction from their purchases. So, if this is one of your goals, you know where to head.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen - ABC News

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen - ABC News

Everyone who was fashion - fanatic would wonder what the soon - to - be princess would wear on her great big day that it had been one of the bets put to play.

The wedding secret had been a secret that different names even came up but, alas, Kate Middleton surprised everyone with her simple but elegant ivory wedding dress from Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton with Queen Elizabeth's loaned diamond Cartier tiara.

Personally, I ca only say, 'WOW', on Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

Kate Middleton's Amazing Fashion Evolution

Kate Middleton's Amazing Fashion Evolution

As I type, one of the national TV networks has the live coverage of the royal wedding of the century as Prince William of England and Kate Middleton wed with millions of spectators on site and millions more hooked to the big tube.

It is then not unusual that people pay attention to practically all the details about the wedding and the royal couple. Of course, I can only be conscious as to how the soon - to - be - princess chooses her wardrobe.

So, I can only be lucky to find this good collection of fashion photos of Kate Middleton.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Manly Fashion and More

Javier Bardem

photo: Nigel Parry/

Most people would want to see how their favorite actors and actress fare in terms of their fashion choices. For one, Vanity Fair hailed the best dressed people in the world for 2010 and popular names emerged, actors Javier Bardem and Alec Baldwin and singer Pharell Williams.

With the choice of apparel and accessories to complement the man's physical stature and personality, he can only stand out.

Women naturally would want to see their men look great and for our man's big day, we can only find the new father gift to make our man pleasing and happier.

There is no indeed hard - rock rules as to how men should dress but I guess the the bottom line is for our men to be confident with how they look.

How to Spot Fake Victoria Secret's Perfumes

Kreativ Boutique has been selling various perfumes to include Victoria Secret's, Hugo, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Sex in the City, and more. And, over the course of our almost - a - year operation, we have earned loyal customers and getting new ones as we deliver authentic products and satisfying customer service.

But, usually, when we sell our Victoria Secret's perfumes, we get the usual query, "Are these real and authentic?" We only happily say, "Yes, they are all 100% authentic.' So, let me share these common characteristics of a fake Victoria Secret's perfumes like the mist and the oil - based:

  1. the texts are not clearly printed;

  2. the texts are misspelled;

  3. the packaging is poorly done;

  4. the scent goes off easily ( original perfumes stay even after a wash of water);

  5. prices may be cheaper.

So, before you buy any cheaper Victoria Secret's perfume, check all the labels and if there are perfume testers, feel free to check them.

It can be smarter too, if you buy only from trusted sellers or retailers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enriching Your Fashion Collections and More

Some call it vanity while others call it necessity but how do we distinguish insanity from mere need? I can't personally tell. I may justify a need for highly expensive shoes like Louis Vuitton or simply go for cheap Asian shoes. But, I say, if you are capable of paying for quality and brand new stuffs, then, no one should stop your itch for shopping splurge.

This is also true for buying other stuffs like when you choose to buy gold online for sale or investments.

Whatever motivates us in buying expensive stuffs, bottom line is, we just have to be responsible for our actions and know what we are getting into. We can probably make more from these purchases than we ever know if we re-sell them in the future. Now, that is good business to consider.

What Kind of Bikini Are You?

You Are a Halter Bikini

You're an athletic girl with a hot athletic bod to match.

And you've got a great tan, probably from all those beach volleyball games!

Kreativ Boutique on Inventory

The Gaisano Mall allows tenants to close on Maundy Thursday and so, we used the option to close for store inventory since July 2010. With all the records of sales, damages and purchases, the inventory can be big toil for employees and management. Thus, I have updated the inventory records against the purchases done since the start of boutique. But, since I have done this task only recently, the difficulty of recording a 10 - month old sales can be too much to take.

However, to maximize the opportunity, we shall record all the stocks on hand to counter check our records. Only then, we would find out losses and stocks worth on hand. Good Friday is no - mall day, so, we shall miss two days of possible sales but we shall resume our store operations on Saturday.

Inventory system may be tasking job but its importance can't be denied and delayed.

Highly Needed POS for the Boutique

Kreativ Boutique has been operating for almost a year now and we have acquired new customers and keep the old ones that keep us all going. However, the sales are still below the unexpected quota, so, we have to apply for POS systems to help us boost sales.

So, we checked out stores that do offer Point - of - Sale systems to help us monitor sales and inventory too. But, along with this, we need a credit card swiper to cater to credit card purchases. We applied to different banks but only one (1) bank promises hope.

We can only hope that our sales can be better and the bank can deliver our much - needed credit card swiper machine, and finally, acquire a POS system for the boutique to keep the store.

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

A Hermes fake

a Hermes original

photo source:

On the course of a company tour, I sat with my superior and her bag quite caught my attention. It is a Hermes bag and knowing the price of original bags, I am quite reluctant if what she used was the original or simply a fake. So, how do we exactly spot a fake Hermes bag?

The experts give the following tips:

SHAPE - the original bag is more crisp and pronounced unlike the bulges that are unexpectedly seen.

STAMP and LOGO - the logo, the horse and carriage, is engraved on the hardware. Check out the print, an authentic bag will have clean and uniformly spaced text while the fake ones are irregular.

ID - look for the artisan's mark and manufacturing date.

STITCHING and ZIPPER - the stitching is all clean and the thread used matches the color of the bag. Further the zipper of original bag has contours while the fake ones don't have.

INTERIOR - The interior of the bags don't have metal name plates.

LEATHER - The original Hermes bag is made of the finest quality justifying its remarkable price unlike the fake ones that come cheaper and under quality.

But, with the craftsmanship of knock - offs, identifying a fake and original Hermes bag can be quite a struggle. Thus, buy only from legitimate sellers and check out the bag's craftsmanship to spot the difference.

Samal Island Fashion

with STI colleagues on Samal Island's BluJazz Resort

Last April 18, 2011 at around 6 am, my school employer, STI, managed to pool all teachers and personnel for a company benchmarking in Davao and an overnight stay at one of the resorts in the famous Samal Islands.

Since, we are all adults and mature of what we wear, we were simply on shorts, shirts, summer dress and conservative swimwear. Some teachers' fashion, you might say.

But, the two - day trip was fun although quite tiring. It may take another semester again before the next eco - tour and if you may ask, if teachers' fashion shall improve, I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uniform's Pride

Every company requires its employees to wear the prescribed uniforms that include the ID, the upper and lower suit, shoes and complementary accessories. While others see uniforms simply a piece of clothes, for committed employees and employers, uniforms mean pride and honor of belonging to a certain institution.

One of the most coveted profession is the nursing career. And, with their nursing scrubs, they illustrate their values of service, commitment and care. They quite look good and honorable with their usual white nursing uniforms. Thus, any uniform is sacred and valuable identification of our chosen career and our employer.

So, when you are employed, honor your uniforms as your dignity and the company's is defined by this.

Newly Arrived Fashion Accessories on the Rack

Few of the accessories from Kreativ Boutique

Whenever I can travel, I make sure that I buy different local goodies including apparel and fashion accessories to name a few. And, while the travel can be quite cumbersome because of the heavier loads from all the stock purchases, the travel with store shopping is a welcoming ordeal. I just have to go through what other competitors sell to make sure that I offer only distinction at reasonable prices.

So, after a day of stock shopping, I got new loads of fashionable earrings, bracelets, necklaces. And, with the new stocks, I can only hope that the sales can be better too.

And, to help us market the new stocks, I have asked our store attendants to inform potential customers of the upcoming new stocks and when I get all settled, I can have the stocks recorded and price tagged for next day’s sale.