Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

A Hermes fake

a Hermes original

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On the course of a company tour, I sat with my superior and her bag quite caught my attention. It is a Hermes bag and knowing the price of original bags, I am quite reluctant if what she used was the original or simply a fake. So, how do we exactly spot a fake Hermes bag?

The experts give the following tips:

SHAPE - the original bag is more crisp and pronounced unlike the bulges that are unexpectedly seen.

STAMP and LOGO - the logo, the horse and carriage, is engraved on the hardware. Check out the print, an authentic bag will have clean and uniformly spaced text while the fake ones are irregular.

ID - look for the artisan's mark and manufacturing date.

STITCHING and ZIPPER - the stitching is all clean and the thread used matches the color of the bag. Further the zipper of original bag has contours while the fake ones don't have.

INTERIOR - The interior of the bags don't have metal name plates.

LEATHER - The original Hermes bag is made of the finest quality justifying its remarkable price unlike the fake ones that come cheaper and under quality.

But, with the craftsmanship of knock - offs, identifying a fake and original Hermes bag can be quite a struggle. Thus, buy only from legitimate sellers and check out the bag's craftsmanship to spot the difference.