Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Spot Fake Victoria Secret's Perfumes

Kreativ Boutique has been selling various perfumes to include Victoria Secret's, Hugo, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Sex in the City, and more. And, over the course of our almost - a - year operation, we have earned loyal customers and getting new ones as we deliver authentic products and satisfying customer service.

But, usually, when we sell our Victoria Secret's perfumes, we get the usual query, "Are these real and authentic?" We only happily say, "Yes, they are all 100% authentic.' So, let me share these common characteristics of a fake Victoria Secret's perfumes like the mist and the oil - based:

  1. the texts are not clearly printed;

  2. the texts are misspelled;

  3. the packaging is poorly done;

  4. the scent goes off easily ( original perfumes stay even after a wash of water);

  5. prices may be cheaper.

So, before you buy any cheaper Victoria Secret's perfume, check all the labels and if there are perfume testers, feel free to check them.

It can be smarter too, if you buy only from trusted sellers or retailers.