Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kreativ Boutique on Inventory

The Gaisano Mall allows tenants to close on Maundy Thursday and so, we used the option to close for store inventory since July 2010. With all the records of sales, damages and purchases, the inventory can be big toil for employees and management. Thus, I have updated the inventory records against the purchases done since the start of boutique. But, since I have done this task only recently, the difficulty of recording a 10 - month old sales can be too much to take.

However, to maximize the opportunity, we shall record all the stocks on hand to counter check our records. Only then, we would find out losses and stocks worth on hand. Good Friday is no - mall day, so, we shall miss two days of possible sales but we shall resume our store operations on Saturday.

Inventory system may be tasking job but its importance can't be denied and delayed.