Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Boutique Stuffs Coming

Since we started the boutique three ( 3 ) years ago, we have been filling our store, Kreativ Boutique, with stuffs from US fashion collection to some Asian counterparts. And, with all the stuffs that be acquire, we simply don't have enough space to hold everything. I can only hope that the stocks can all be purchased before new tons of stocks can come in.

But, with all the stocks that we have to carry to and fro the boutique, we can only endure the inconvenience of public transport since our family van is still busted. We quite hope though that a good and efficient mechanic can eventually check on our van's lapses to have it working and running.

If only we have reliable mechanic just like reliable and quality transport devices including utv power steering to cling to, we could have saved our family van beforehand.

We can only hope that the arrival of my in-laws will eventually have the van repaired, and then, the new stocks can be transported with ease and convenience.

Wanted: Running Gear

my usual running gear, jogging pants, rubber shoes and loose shirt

my first professional race on cycling tops and jogging pants

my second professional race on aerobics outfit, hip belt and running shoes

We are on long vacation and since I am used to jogging, I brought my running shoes and a few shorts to pair. Unfortunately, I missed bringing my other running gear and apparel that I simply have to endure my kid's stuffs.

So, I just have to rummage through some local malls around for a good running apparel to meet my daily jogs. I just hope that I can find cheap but quality stuffs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Identify a Reebok Shoe Fake

photo source:

When my old pair of running shoes was beyond redemption, I managed to find a Reebok pair from a bargain store and while I believe that I found a treasure from my cheap purchase, my assumption was contested when the shoes peel off quite different from my old pair and that it sags differently too.

We are only willing to pay for efficient and effective products and services like sensa to make sure that we get worth from our hard earned money. So, when we purchased a total knock - off with a pricey tag, we can only complain.

So, how to check a Reebok original, use the basic tips below:

  1. check the Reebok logo;
  2. check the sole if its solid and sturdy;
  3. check for thread loose or cloth shreds among others;
  4. check the prints if loose or not.

What's Your Dream Engagement Ring?

Like most Marquise diamond wearers, you are sexy and impulsive.
You're also good at getting what you want in life, no matter what it is.
You tend to be successful at love, your career, and anything else you desire.
Think Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones: proud wearers of this ring

Find the Right Running Gear

my most recent running race, a 10km mountain trail

I have been running for years and simply for fun and healthy living, but running in a professional race requires that I only use the right running gear for a more convenient run.

So, practically, I started investing on the following:

  1. durable running shoes that quite fit otherwise you endure foot blisters;
  2. comfy running shorts and tops for cooling and light effect;
  3. belt bag to hold small gadgets like cellphone, keys or loose coins;
  4. sports' music player or strap - on music player;
  5. light water jag;
  6. running cap;
  7. running sun glass;
  8. head gear to keep your sweat away;
  9. speedometer;

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot Summer Dresses

maxi dress
photo source:

Summer is almost over in the Philippines but the locals continue to splurge in malls and beaches to quench off the scourging heat of the sun.

So, Kreativ Boutique, managed to acquire lovely and colorful summer dresses that range but not limited to short and long dresses of various materials. And, with beach parties and summer competitions, summer dresses are simply selling like hot cakes.

With the demand, I can only hope that my sales attendants can do great sales jobs to boost store revenues. Since, our store location is not directly accessible to walk - in customers, we can only hope that every visiting customer can be a buying customer.

We can only twist our fingers as to meeting the demand and getting our customers happy and delighted.

New Swimwear Covers C - Section Cut

photo source:

Since I gave birth to my kid, I never became confident about showing off my hips as the cesarean cut had been pressing and ugly. So, normally, when we go to the beach, I simply wear my usual shorts and a t-shirt

But, I managed to find a good one - piece swimsuit that is sexy enough and covers the ugly birth mark. So, with the swimwear type, I had the chance to use it in Sarangani Bay Fest.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Computer Systems for Kreativ Boutique

As part of my masteral projects in Information Technology, I worked on making a ledger system to facilitate sales and expense transactions and to cover the inventory too. And, once I shall have the chance to create and integrate all business systems, the store operation can be less tedious.

I only have my Computer Science degree from college and Masters in Public Administration but I never really have a formal education on business. Somehow, we can only blame our mother for influencing us.

Good thing, there are online education opportunities. I wish to take online business degree to help me in operating our store, the Kreativ Boutique, and as soon as time allows this desire, I shall take the next formal entrepreneurial online business degree to make the business more viable and successful.

New Boutique Stocks on Display

photo source:

The much awaited fashion apparel, bags, perfumes and watches had finally arrived our footsteps and the timing was all since we have been waiting for it for a few already but we can only welcome their arrival and asked our customers to check them out very soon before walk - in customers get their hands to our all brand new and authentic signature brands from Victoria's Secrets, Michael Kors, Fossil, Grane, Nine West, Life Stride, Kathy van Zealand to name a few.

So, visit us at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano Gensan for your peek and grab.

Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Kim Chiu for Bench

Just recently, the national news covered the summer's Philippine Fashion Week 2011 that started May 8 at SMX Convention Centers highlighting the renowned brands like Bench, Human and Kashieca.

So, with the local artists to boot the designs, the crowd can only laud for their favorites.

Here is a peek from Bench's ramp.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Rings

photo: Azcolvin429

Ring is not just mere fashion that any man or woman would want to boost but beyond the glitters of the stone or weight, it may mean as strong as words like commitment, love and hope.

Thus, when your big man finally gave you his ring of commitment and love, you would only want to find ways how to care for your engagement ring or your wedding ring for that matter.

Expert jewelers suggest the following practical tips:

1. Remove your ring when you are working with tools as it may hurt your hand badly or cut your ring in pieces to name the possibilities;

2. Use protective gloves if you need to work with chemicals as they may harm your ring badly;

3. Check your ring with loose stones and a close visual inspection, you may want to have the stones in place again;

4. Clean them with the right jewelry cleaners or home remedies like a shampoo or detergent in lukewarm water or toothpaste. Remember though that you have to brush your ring lightly.

Fashion Industry Still on Grim Days

photo source: big Internet

We are almost a year with our store operation and since our location is not quite accessible, we can’t really hope much. But, our store is not the only commercial entity that experiences struggling sales. In fact, most establishments make use of various marketing strategies like discounts, sale, partnership with other establishments, or exhibits to make the company more conspicuous and saleable.

So, while they say that the 2009 recession is already over, we can still quite feel the restrained budget of the general public.

We can only hope that sales shall finally improve otherwise there shall be more establishments that shall close down and I can only personally hope that our boutique will continue to thrive.

First Aid on Fashion Apparel and Accessories

There are times when the stocks that we acquire have unwanted stains, loose threads or other factory defects which may be beyond repair or if we are lucky, we can do our first – aid repair.

So, it comes handy when we have threads of varying colors, needle, zipper, heavy duty glue, buttons and beads to correct the damages.

But, if the repair is noticeable, we can only have the repaired stock on sale or discount, that way, we won’t be bleeding much.

Boutique Online

I have been working on the marketing strategies to promote our store, Kreativ Boutique, and my efforts have gone as far as promoting the store online. And, with all the blogs I have, I can only write articles about our business and promote it to social networks like Facebook.

But, I wish to make a dynamic website for the store, so, e - commerce can be realized as complementary medium to purchases and stakeholder communication.

Among the many things our store needs, we have to acquire a personal computer or even one of the reconditioned laptops to be stationed in our store counter to make the sale and inventory faster and convenient.

We are barely one year old as a legitimate retail business and while we still have so many things to complete and acquire, we can only maximize present resources and hope that when we have the chance, we can make the store a high - end establishment.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Choose the Best Dress

Women have different body structures and depending on these structures, we determine the right dress.

Our fashion store, Kreativ Boutique, had managed through different demands for dresses. The last experience was the fact that the lady had voluptuous straight figure and since she needed an all straight dress, we can look one that will suit her but without letting her look fuller or bigger.

So, when we look for the right dress, consider the following criteria:

  • Body structure - hide your flaws (bigger hips) but highlight your strengths (chest);
  • Skin tone – find a color that will complement your skin;
  • Confidence – make sure that you can look better on your dress because what seem to be nice looking on others may not at all look good on you;

Dresses on Sale at Kreativ Boutique

just a nice green beaded gown for dancing

May is a celebration for beach events, weddings and more, and to pay tribute to this special month, we hold all our dresses: summer, casual and party ones up to 50% off.

So, if you have an occasion to attend to this May, take a peek of our new arrivals at Kreativ Boutique and other dresses on the rack for your hot pick.

To see other party gowns, you can click here.