Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boutique Online

I have been working on the marketing strategies to promote our store, Kreativ Boutique, and my efforts have gone as far as promoting the store online. And, with all the blogs I have, I can only write articles about our business and promote it to social networks like Facebook.

But, I wish to make a dynamic website for the store, so, e - commerce can be realized as complementary medium to purchases and stakeholder communication.

Among the many things our store needs, we have to acquire a personal computer or even one of the reconditioned laptops to be stationed in our store counter to make the sale and inventory faster and convenient.

We are barely one year old as a legitimate retail business and while we still have so many things to complete and acquire, we can only maximize present resources and hope that when we have the chance, we can make the store a high - end establishment.