Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Identify a Reebok Shoe Fake

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When my old pair of running shoes was beyond redemption, I managed to find a Reebok pair from a bargain store and while I believe that I found a treasure from my cheap purchase, my assumption was contested when the shoes peel off quite different from my old pair and that it sags differently too.

We are only willing to pay for efficient and effective products and services like sensa to make sure that we get worth from our hard earned money. So, when we purchased a total knock - off with a pricey tag, we can only complain.

So, how to check a Reebok original, use the basic tips below:

  1. check the Reebok logo;
  2. check the sole if its solid and sturdy;
  3. check for thread loose or cloth shreds among others;
  4. check the prints if loose or not.