Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Rings

photo: Azcolvin429

Ring is not just mere fashion that any man or woman would want to boost but beyond the glitters of the stone or weight, it may mean as strong as words like commitment, love and hope.

Thus, when your big man finally gave you his ring of commitment and love, you would only want to find ways how to care for your engagement ring or your wedding ring for that matter.

Expert jewelers suggest the following practical tips:

1. Remove your ring when you are working with tools as it may hurt your hand badly or cut your ring in pieces to name the possibilities;

2. Use protective gloves if you need to work with chemicals as they may harm your ring badly;

3. Check your ring with loose stones and a close visual inspection, you may want to have the stones in place again;

4. Clean them with the right jewelry cleaners or home remedies like a shampoo or detergent in lukewarm water or toothpaste. Remember though that you have to brush your ring lightly.