Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Boutique Stuffs Coming

Since we started the boutique three ( 3 ) years ago, we have been filling our store, Kreativ Boutique, with stuffs from US fashion collection to some Asian counterparts. And, with all the stuffs that be acquire, we simply don't have enough space to hold everything. I can only hope that the stocks can all be purchased before new tons of stocks can come in.

But, with all the stocks that we have to carry to and fro the boutique, we can only endure the inconvenience of public transport since our family van is still busted. We quite hope though that a good and efficient mechanic can eventually check on our van's lapses to have it working and running.

If only we have reliable mechanic just like reliable and quality transport devices including utv power steering to cling to, we could have saved our family van beforehand.

We can only hope that the arrival of my in-laws will eventually have the van repaired, and then, the new stocks can be transported with ease and convenience.