Friday, June 17, 2011

Sports Fashion

with my childhood friend who joined me in the fun run and ecology trail trek

Experts say that we have to be physically active to stay fit and healthy and while others use recreational games like badminton as exercise, I simply run and trek to stay fit. Further, I complement these events with aerobics and kickboxing every weekend.

Last June 12, we happened to join the the fun run and I simply wore my dry - fit tops, sports bra, and running shorts and sneakers together with my armband for my iPod. However, we had to proceed to mountain trekking that I simply wore my jacket to protect me somehow from the grass cuts. Unfortunately, my legs had to endure the bruises.

Different sports like horse riding requiring different gear, accessories like english horse tack among others to make the activity fun and comfortable.

So, whatever sports you choose to play, we simply have to enjoy it with friends and family to make the toil more worthwhile and remembering.

Wedding Ramp for Us

the groom's men

the bride's maids

our parents, the bride and groom

on my secondary sponsor gown

my sweat - soaked kid as ring bearer

These are just few of the pictures we had from the Golden Wedding Anniversary of our parents and we are only happier to have the celebration a big success.

What Style of Womens Jeans Are You?

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Best Fashionable Celebrity Dads

photo source:

June 19 is a big and special day for most countries like the Philippines who give tributes and recognition to their dads.

Not all dads are cool but for those who are lucky to have fathers who simply give out their best for the family are simply worth acknowledging that we can only think of different gift ideas like jobs in trucking or formal outfit, vintage fashion accessories to name a few.

Our dads may not be as best dressed as the following celebrities but we are only blessed to have responsible and loving fathers on earth. The polled 1,763 members of the British public aged over 18 to identify the best dressed celebrity dads and here is there list:

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Ben Affleck
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Will Smith
  5. Hugh Jackman
  6. Matthew McConaughey
  7. Jude Law
  8. Peter Andre
  9. David Beckham
  10. Orlando Bloom

Can School Fashion be Cool?

an STI student on her ordinary school shirt for a beauty pageant

While school uniforms may look dull and ordinary, students who know how to project well on their uniforms can still stand out.

So, if you don't want to look plain and dull on your uniform, you can accessorize your outfit with fashionable but elegant - looking fashion accessories, wear the right cut for your size, put on a little make - up and simply boost in confidence.

In school or not, looking good need not be in loud or fancy outfit, sometimes, your bright attitude and personality can make the difference.

Filipino Golden Wedding Fashion

the whole wacky entourage

my parents in-law on their Filipino - inspired gown and barong

Finally, the pictures from the wedding ceremony are out and we can only be happier to see how the wedding went in spite of the lapses before and during the ceremony.

The groom and the bride's gown and barong are Filipino inspired and with all the beads on my mother in-law's gown, we say, she was a ravishing bride in her prime. My father in - law on his barong, a Pineapple - fiber tops, made him equally handsome.

The rest of the entourage simply wore gold - themed dresses and barong, and the day was simply bright and shiny amidst the rainy afternoon. Again, congratulations to my in-laws and to the whole family.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mountain Climbing Gear and More

having to hurdle the strong current from the water falls

the ecology guide on his dry - fit mountain apparel and dry bag and safety hat

Last Sunday, we managed to join a fun run and after which we were to join an ecology - trail to a remote town to witness the locally known water falls. And, since we simply had so many stuffs to bring for the race and for the climb, we ended up wearing the same running gear to the mountain climb. Of course, the end - result was not at all convenient.

We could only wish we used trekking shoes instead of running shoes for easy walks and some good scopes for better mountain sightseeing.

It only helped that we wore sturdy shoes and jacket because of the heavy rain and muddy trail. But, in spite of our fashion lapses, we had the climb filled with joy and awe. We could only hope to visit the water falls in better weather, so, other activities like rappelling can be done.

Wear the Right Running Gear

with my friends and kid on a fun run

Last June 12, my kid and I ran for 2km and 5km respectively and we are only proud and happier because not only that we live up to staying fit but also we were to help for the patients with childhood cancer when we paid the race registration.

So, prior to the race, my husband and I managed to buy my running gear specifically running shorts and tops, right sneakers, iPod arm band. The long run was difficult but I had to conquer the race as fast as I can and with the right gear, it made the run more convenient.

I still however purchase a utility belt, running cap and blinking light especially that a night run is soon set.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get the Right Shoes for Your Sport

I have been running for quite some time now and I only endure my old tennis shoes that normally I get to suffer heel problems after the run. And, since I assumed that all rubber shoes are the same and that they serve the same purpose for all types of sports, I could only complain about my ignorance.

But, choosing the right sport that suits our personality and interest is as critical as finding the best shoes or finding the best pse compound bows for your hunting. Thus, if you exercise regularly on specific sport like tennis, then, tennis shoes are practical.

So, my running shoes must be well cushioned on the heel and tighter space for toes and light in weight for easy forward or backward motion. But, if the movements include sideways like when you need to play squash, then, a training shoe is a smarter option.

Our performance and comfort is quite affected by our choice of footwear, thus, before you spend your good earned money, seek professional advice from a shoe store manager or sports experts.

How to Take Care of Your Watches

new white Michael Kors rubber watch for me
photo source:

Watches depending on materials may require special attention and care to make sure that they are protected from any unwanted stain or fast degradation.

Our choice for watches may be quite affected by our lifestyle and personality. A funky person would use a stylish rubber watch while an office lady may simply wear elegant a gold watch.
The watch’s exposure to dust, water, body fluids among others can simply affect the watch’s quality, thus, regular cleaning with fine cloth, water and / or watch cleaner can help a lot. Further, if your job requires physical activity, it may do you good, if you simply keep your watch off your hand for protection.

Rule of thumb, we simply have to read the user manual, if present, of our watch to make it withstand any physical pressure.

The Craft of Beading

beading on dress
photo source:

Beaded bags, gowns and accessories are only few of the fashion collection that you can find both ingenuity and craftsmanship at its best. And, it is not surprising at all that beaded works are simply pricey because they quite take time, patience and quality standards that any beader can be proud of.

Beading is a form of accessorizing any plain or dull item which may be earring, bag, apparel to name a few. I personally tried beading a quite plain bag for some highlights but when I consumed hours on few lines of straight beading, I simply gave up the job.

So, the next time you see a beaded work and the price tag seems monstrous, you have to understand the fashion item that you intend to question simply takes eons of beading time but the price is immaterial for the kind of beauty you can keep along with your valuable fashion collection.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running Gear and More

I run for several reasons and they include the following:

  • Staying fit
  • Staying healthy
  • Aging beautifully and
  • Growing mentally sharp
  • Promoting community advocacies
  • De – stressing
  • Establishing social networks

Experts say that as we age our physical and mental faculties depreciate and these include our IQ, sex drives, and endurance among others. It is not surprising that we begin to get slow in our physical and mental activities but we can however, remedy these by becoming health - conscious, taking supplements like testosterone cream for women and have healthy lifestyle and hobbies.

So, while it is difficult to stay out of bed and just sleep, I shall continue to run and will run for longer years.

The Sunglasses Test

You are down to earth, stable, and practical.
You see the world as it is. You accept facts easily.

You need to be shaded from overly dramatic and problem prone people.
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Run with the Right Gear

running my third race

I have been running since 2008 and while I was used to just wearing jogging pants and loose shirts, my professional running however required me to wear beyond my usual gear.

But, running with the right gear has its benefits: ease and comfort. Since, you cover longer distance with various running trails, it can be quite convenient if you wear the following:

  • running shorts
  • comfy sleeveless top
  • hip belt
  • music player
  • light water container
  • speedometer
  • sunglass
  • head gear