Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mountain Climbing Gear and More

having to hurdle the strong current from the water falls

the ecology guide on his dry - fit mountain apparel and dry bag and safety hat

Last Sunday, we managed to join a fun run and after which we were to join an ecology - trail to a remote town to witness the locally known water falls. And, since we simply had so many stuffs to bring for the race and for the climb, we ended up wearing the same running gear to the mountain climb. Of course, the end - result was not at all convenient.

We could only wish we used trekking shoes instead of running shoes for easy walks and some good scopes for better mountain sightseeing.

It only helped that we wore sturdy shoes and jacket because of the heavy rain and muddy trail. But, in spite of our fashion lapses, we had the climb filled with joy and awe. We could only hope to visit the water falls in better weather, so, other activities like rappelling can be done.